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What is iPlum HIPAA Compliant Phone Number Service for Calling & Texting?

HIPAA and HITECH security is a process for the healthcare, insurance, medical, and therapy industries. iPlum offers HIPAA compliant secure communications which includes HIPAA compliant calling, HIPAA compliant text messaging, and HIPAA secure voicemail. Regardless of what industry you’re in, a HIPAA compliant second line with the iPlum app ensures you and your clients are protected.

Can I Setup Phone Tree with HIPAA Compliant Mobile Lines?

With iPlum you can also setup Auto-Attendant with greeting and extensions to create a virtual mobile phone system for your healthcare practice. iPlum provides a wide range of phone tree features with call routing. You can setup your entire team with virtual mobile phone system which is HIPAA complaint for calling and secure texting.

How Does iPlum Solution Work for HIPAA Compliance?

iPlum establishes a separate HIPAA compliant 2nd line on your mobile phone with its own calling, secure texting, voicemail, distinct ringtone and visual screen. Unlike many app to app HIPAA solutions which require app at both ends, iPlum actually provides you a real business phone number with full calling & secure texting capabilities. iPlum gives you personal privacy with a separate business line as well as protect your clients data with HIPAA compliance.

Does iPlum Provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for HIPAA Compliance?

Yes, iPlum provides a BAA – Business Associate Agreement. To keep highest level of security, every iPlum number has its own BAA. With an iPlum HIPAA compliant secure number, BAA covers ePHI information.

How to get my BAA after setting up my iPlum subscription.

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How To Get HIPAA Compliant Texting & Phone For Therapists?

iPlum is popular amongst therapists who need a simple and robust HIPAA compliant texting & phone service for their practice. Practitioners get a dedicated phone number which acts as separate second line on their existing mobile phone with its own distinct visual screen, notification and ringtone for calling and secure texting with clients. iPlum app provides 2 types of texting: Normal SMS and Secure Texting . One can do normal SMS for general purpose and secure texting with clients when exchanging healthcare information.

What other practitioners are saying

Vasquez P. Neurosurgeon As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.
iPlum user Dave B.
Dave B. Therapist I work with patients requiring special needs. I can setup secure communications channel with them for privacy. We can exchange secure messages between other practitioners using iPlum app.

Can I Add Additional HIPAA compliant Phone Numbers For My Associates?

Yes, with an iPlum business account, you can setup multiple sub-accounts for your associates and give them a second line for their mobile which is HIPAA compliant and resolve any privacy issues for the entire team. Your associates will also have HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA secure messaging, calling, voicemail, and texting on their iPlum line. All with our HIPAA compliant app.

What is Pricing for HIPAA Complaint Solution?

iPlum provides HIPAA compliance with BAA. Please check here for HIPAA pricing details.

Can I Do Secure Texting With My Clients Using Free iPlum App?

Yes, iPlum provides a free app for your patients to communicate with you using secure texting. Check step by step process to add a patient for secure texting using iPlum.

Does iPlum Provide HIPAA Fax Line?

Yes, you can get a secure HIPAA compliant fax line for sending and receiving faxes.

Can I Transfer or Port My Existing Number Into iPlum?

Yes, you can make your existing landline or mobile number HIPAA compliant by porting into iPlum. Check step by step process here.

What is Canada’s PIPEDA, PHIPA compliance?

Canada’s PIPEDA stands for the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. PIPEDA is targeted at a wider array of industries including healthcare. It provides regulations for any business involved in commercial operations and the storage of personal data. PIPEDA is sometimes called the Canadian version of American HIPAA legislation

PHIPA stands for Personal Health Information Protection Act, is an additional piece of Canadian legislation that provides data privacy laws in the healthcare setting enacted by the province of Ontario.

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Whom Do HIPAA Regulations Apply?

HIPAA and HITECH security regulations apply to all healthcare professionals, insurance companies professionals who provide health insurance and any third party service providers who have access to private health information.

All such organizations are required to ensure that their employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and brokers conform to the HIPAA regulations. The organizations need to train all members on the procedures that they should use when communicating sensitive patients´ data to prevent data breaches and HIPAA violations.

When Is Text Messaging HIPAA Compliant?

The latest changes to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (HIPAA) acknowledges that with rapid changes in technology and workplace, private health information is more commonly accessed using smartphones, cell phones, tablets and other mobile handhelds.

There is a greater risk that private healthcare information can be compromised with devices being lost or stolen. Additionally data can be compromised when the mobile devices are used at open networks at carrier or Wi-Fi.

iPlum provides secure texting channels for HIPAA compliant messaging. Doctors can initiate secure text channels with their patients. Patients get free iPlum app to send secure text to their doctor.

How To Secure Text Messaging For HIPAA Compliance?

Healthcare business organizations can use secure mobile applications like iPlum for HIPAA compliance. These apps have encryption policy which keeps the data secure in them. The account can be easily locked by an administration so that the information can’t be accessed in case of lost or stolen device.

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