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HIPAA: Business Associate Agreement

Where to get BAA for HIPAA Compliance?

Note: Each iPlum number has its own BAA for HIPAA compliance.

  1. Login to your iPlum online account

  2. Click: Accounts || Select Line || HIPAA Compliance

  3. Follow the process to update any plans and download your BAA (Prerequisites explained below).

Prerequisites for HIPAA & BAA (Both A & B):
  1. Backup Plan for Data Encryption.

    • Backup Basic ($2.99):
      Includes: Encrypted Data, Backup & Restore Texts, Business Contacts, Fax, and 10 Secure Text Channels.
    • OR

    • Backup Enhanced ($6.99):
      Includes: Backup Basic Features + Unlimited Secure Text Channels.

    • Note: Choose $2.99 add-on plan when you have less than 10 clients for secure texting or you have an iPlum fax line otherwise choose $6.99 plan for unlimited secure text channels.
      1 Client = 1 Secure text channel.

      To learn how secure texting works, please check this FAQ.

  2. iPlum Number Plan for HIPAA:

    • iPlum Annual Unlimited Plan.

    • OR

    • Upgrade from any other plan (month to month plans or annual measured plan) to Annual Unlimited plan.
      Accounts || Select Line || Manage Plans || Number Plan || Change

    • OR

    • Pay annual fee of $20 for BAA for any non-Annual Unlimited plan. (This option will automatically show up when you don’t have either of above while you are in process of setting HIPAA Compliance option in iPlum portal).