HIPAA: Business Associate Agreement

Get your Business Associate agreement

Each iPlum number has its own BAA for HIPAA compliance.

  1. BAA is free with annual unlimited plan . If you have purchased this plan skip to section 4 and fill the form.

  2. To upgrade from any other plan to annual unlimited plan:

    • Login https://my.iplum.com/

    • Click “Accounts”. Select the Line, Click “Manage Plans”, Number Plan, Add/Edit & follow the prompts to upgrade to annual unlimited plan.

    • Fill the form in section 4.

    • Note: If you have recently signed an iPlum account with a different plan but upgrade as above, you can request a refund for previous plan.


  3. For iPlum numbers with non-annual unlimited plan, pay a one-time fee of $20. Copy your Transaction-id or Receipt# from PayPal transaction email and enter in the section 4.

  4. Please fill the form and submit.