HIPAA: Business Associate Agreement

Where to get BAA for HIPAA Compliance?
  1. Login to your iPlum online account https://my.iplum.com.

  2. Click: Accounts || Select Line || HIPAA Compliance

  3. Follow the process to update any plans and download your BAA (Prerequisites explained below).

    Note: Each iPlum number has its own BAA for HIPAA compliance.

Prerequisites (Both A & B):
  1. iPlum Number Plan Should be:

    • iPlum Annual Unlimited Plan.

    • OR
    • Upgrade from any other plan (month to month plans or annual measured plan) to Annual Unlimited Plan.

    • OR
    • Pay annual fee of $20 for BAA. (This option will automatically show up when you don’t have either of above while you are in process of setting HIPAA Compliance option in iPlum portal).

  2. Backup Plan Required for Data Encryption.

    • Backup Basic ($2.99):
      Encrypted Data, Backup & Restore Texts, Business Contacts, Fax and 10 Secure Text Channels.
      Choose this plan when you are using iPlum for calling only (i.e. no texting) OR you are using regular texting OR you have less than 10 patients for secure texting OR this is an iPlum fax line.
    • OR

    • Backup Enhanced ($6.99):
      Backup Basic Plan + Unlimited Secure Text Channels.

    • To learn how secure texting works, please check this FAQ.