HIPAA: Business Associate Agreement

Each iPlum number has its own BAA for HIPAA compliance. If you have more than one iPlum numbers, please repeat this process for each number.

Step-1. Setup Backup Plan For HIPAA Compliance

Note: Backup plan is mandatory for compliance data archiving.

  1. Login https://my.iplum.com/

  2. Click “Accounts”. Select the Line, Click “Manage Plans” || Backup Plan || Add/Edit.

  3. Choose one of the plans:

    • Basic: $2.99: When you are using iPlum for calling only (i.e. no texting) OR you are using regular texting OR you have less than 10 patients for secure texting OR this is for iPlum fax line.

    • Enhanced: $6.99: Includes above features + Unlimited patients for secure texting.
    To learn how secure texting works, please check this FAQ .

Step-2. Phone Number Plan
  1. If you have iPlum Annual Unlimited Plan, BAA is free. Go to Step-3 and fill the form.

  2. Or upgrade from any other plan to Annual Unlimited Plan for free BAA.

    • Login https://my.iplum.com/

    • Accounts || Select the Line || Manage Plans || Number Plan || Change. Follow the prompts to upgrade to annual unlimited plan.

  3. Or pay an annual fee of $20.

    After making payment, copy your Transaction-id or Receipt# from PayPal transaction email. You will need that in Step-3.

Step-3. Submit The Form

We will send you the BAA electronically for signatures.