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HIPAA: Business Associate Agreement

Who needs HIPAA compliance?

If you are dealing with client healthcare information either directly or indirectly, you need HIPAA compliance for privacy and secure communication.

Where to get your BAA for HIPAA Compliance?
  1. Login to your iPlum online account

  2. Dashboard || Accounts || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || HIPAA Compliance

  3. Note: When you follow the HIPAA compliance link above, it will take you to the prerequisites step by step.

Prerequisites for HIPAA Compliance (A & B):

Note: Each iPlum number in your account (phone or fax) has its own BAA for HIPAA compliance. Each BAA is valid for one year and you can renew it annually online in iPlum portal.

  1. iPlum Number Plan

    • iPlum Annual Unlimited Plan:
      $7.99 for US local or $11.99 for Canada local or $14.99 for Toll-free number.

      Important: BAA has annual $20 fee which is waived off when you have above iPlum annual unlimited plan. You can upgrade from any other plan (month to month plans or annual measured plan) to annual unlimited plan to avoid BAA fees. If you decide to keep a non-annual unlimited plan, you can pay annual $20 BAA fees.

  2. Backup Add-on Plan

    • Backup Basic ($2.99)
      Includes: Backup & encryption service for phone or fax line.
    • OR

    • Backup Enhanced ($6.99) – Recommended
      Includes: Backup Basic + Unlimited Secure Text Channels.
      How secure texting works in iPlum?

Important: If you forward iPlum calls to non-iPlum external numbers using simple call forwarding or send calls to external non-iPlum numbers using Auto-Attendant (IVR), they are not HIPAA compliant.