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Get a dedicated iPlum phone number with affordable calling and texting. Works great for both business purposes and private use.

iPlum user Paul D.

Paul D.

IT Consultant Our company uses iPlum for our sales and marketing employees as a business line on their personal phones. It is a great way to save expenses. Voice quality is great and users love its simplicity vs. carrying two devices.
iPlum user Jane S.

Jane S.

Real Estate I am a realtor and iPlum is my business number. I advertise my iPlum number for all my appointments. I can now keep my personal mobile number private.
iPlum user Vasquez P.

Vasquez P.

Neurosurgeon I am a doctor and I call my patients using iPlum – keeps my personal cell phone number private and patients are happy with my responsive service.
iPlum user Ambre K.

Ambre K.

Journalist I use iPlum as a 2nd Number for Privacy. I can share messages and photos easily. I can protect my identity because I can share my iPlum phone number with people I don’t know that well.
iPlum user Tom R.

Tom R.

Traveler I live in U.S. and travel globally. iPlum number saves me money when I am abroad. My family can reach me with a local call and I can call them almost free.
iPlum user Maya N.

Maya N.

Recruiter I can reach my clients using iPlum phone number. I don’t have to use my personal mobile number – can still respond in a timely fashion. Keeps my information separate and secure.
iPlum user Dan T.

Dan T.

Business Owner I use iPlum for developing my business with U.S. customers. I can call them freely with iPlum phone number. My customers can reach me for orders or customer service with a local call.
iPlum user Katie J.

Katie J.

Student I am a student with Wi-Fi Tablet. I get free unlimited texting and calling with my friends who have iPlum. The iPlum phone number for calling anywhere in the U.S. is so affordable for me.

New Phone Number or Transfer Existing

Get iPlum U.S., Canada or Toll-free number as a separate business line on the phone you already carry. Works great for both calling and texting.

Port your existing landline or legacy mobile number to iPlum. Keep the number as a second number without having to carry a second phone.


Personal Phone System with Auto-Attendant

Add virtual receptionist like “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support…” Create multiple extensions and still keeping it simple to use.

Separate business information from personal. Call logs, text messages, and voicemail are stored in an encrypted container using built-in AES data encryption.


Calling, Texting, Recording, Forwarding

Saves calling & texting charges with calls as low as 1 cent per minute or text. Use in any country, on any Android or iOS device. Works on both Carrier data or Wi-Fi.

Record incoming and outgoing calls. Forward calls to external numbers with a simple click. Send & receive pictures, videos, texts to external numbers both domestic and international.

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Available on Smartphones and Tablets, for iOS and Android

Encrypted calling and texting with a real phone number, that works on both smartphones and tablets.

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