03 Jun 2018

App Contacts and Secure Text Channels

Learn about business & device contacts.

Learn about regular & secure texting.

Business & Device Contacts

Difference between business and device contacts.

Business contacts are created and saved in the iPlum app secure container. They are not saved in your phone’s address book.

Device contacts come from your phone address book. They are visible in iPlum app but not saved in the app. When you make changes on your phone’s address book, they will get reflected in device contacts section in iPlum app.

Add a business contact from device contacts.

Open iPlum app and tap a contact in your device contacts. From the actions grid, tap “More”. On the details screen, tap “Add to Business”. This will create a business contact.

To add multiple business contacts without manually entering each contact: Add your contacts in the native address book on your phone. Open iPlum app and go to device contacts screen. Tap on each contact and Add to Business. Once done, you can delete them from your phone’s native address book.

Setup groups for business contacts.

In the business contact screen, tap “+” and Add Group.

Go to a business contact detail and click “Edit”. Tap on the Groups text box and select the new Group.

Delete a business contact.

Open a business contact detail in the iPlum app and click “Edit”. You will see a Delete button at the bottom.

Delete a device contact.

Device contacts are managed in your native address book. Once you delete the device contact in native contacts, it will not show in iPlum app.

Restore business contacts or texts.

iPlum App Settings || Contact Options || Business Contacts Restore

Note: This requires iPlum Backup plan available via iPlum portal or in-app purchase.

Switch the screen priority of device and business contacts in iPlum app.
(iOS only feature)

iPlum App Settings || Contact Options || Set Default Phone Book.

Hide device contacts in iPlum app.
(iOS only feature)

iPlum App Settings || Contact Options || Show/Hide Device Contacts.

Note: We recommend that you enable Contacts permissions for iPlum app in your iPhone or Android Settings. These permissions are required for correct Caller ID and Ringtones management in the carrier voice network mode.

Regular vs. Secure Texting

iPlum provides both regular & secure texting.

Regular texting works on all iPlum accounts and doesn’t need any special setup.

Secure texting is used for compliance purposes.

Example: Healthcare or legal professionals can initiate a secure channel with their patient clients for secure texting. It makes texting secure at both ends. If you use regular texting in iPlum, it will be secure at your side only.

iPlum app is free for patients communicating with their healthcare professionals who have iPlum plan.

Summary: To initiate a secure text channel, you will invite the other party using iPlum app. The other party will accept your invitation to set up secure channel. When you send invitation, they will get instructions to download iPlum app and setup a free account.

Initiate secure text channel.

  1. Create a new contact or select an existing business contact in iPlum app.
    Business contact || More || Secure Text Channel Invite .

    The system will send an invite SMS to the recipient with instructions to download iPlum app and accept invitation.

    Note: The phone number in the contact should be your client’s mobile phone number. Even if they have iPlum paid account, you will still use their physical mobile number to send invite.

  2. After acceptance by the end user, the initiator will get a notification. The secure channel is now active and ready for texting.

Accept secure text channel (Client-side free account).

  1. The client will receive an SMS from iPlum. This SMS has a link with steps to download iPlum app and create a free account using their mobile number.

  2. Login iPlum app and look for blue colored business contact.
    Business contact || More || Accept Secure Text Channel Invite .

    Invited and accepted contacts are created and saved in the iPlum app secure container.

  3. After acceptance, the business contact will change to plum color and it will show a shield icon for secure texting.
Delete secure text channel.

Simply delete the “Business” contact created for that secure channel in your iPlum app.

Secure text channel plans

A backup plan is required for initiating secure channels but no plan is required for accepting secure channels.

  • Backup Basic ($2.99): Encrypted Data, Backup & Restore Texts, Business Contacts, Fax and 10 Secure Text Channels.
    Note: Choose this plan when you are using iPlum for calling only (i.e. no texting) OR you are using regular texting OR you have less than 10 patients for secure texting OR this is an iPlum fax line.
  • OR

  • Backup Enhanced ($6.99): Backup Basic and Unlimited Secure Text Channels.

Example: 1 Patient = 1 Secure text channel.

Note: There is no contract for backup plan. It is month to month plan.

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