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Case Studies

How a Physician Calls Patients while Keeping his Cell Phone Number Private using iPlum HIPAA compliance?

Experiences from our Customers: George V. works in the medical field, and he has built up a large physical medicine practice. He calls his patients using iPlum, keeping his personal cell phone number private.

How to get a Realtor Business Line on a Mobile using iPlum?

Experiences from our Customers: Jane S. runs a real estate brokerage business. She has ten real estate agents and loan brokers attached to her office. Jane uses iPlum as her business number on her personal cell phone.

How a Service Technician Solved BYOD Privacy using iPlum?

Experiences from our Customers: Paul K. is a service technician working with a regional store chain for the installation and maintenance of home appliances and electronics. He deals with new clients every day, and he worries about the privacy of his mobile phone number that he gives out.

How to Localize Business for your Customers with a Toll-Free Number?

Experiences from our Customers: Dan T. is the owner of a midwest company and he found a way to simplify doing business with his customers in multiple states. Dan uses iPlum Toll free phone number, and his sales and customer service employees can now make instant connections with customers via phone calls and text.

How Business Traveler Simplified International Roaming using iPlum?

World-map with iPlum

Experiences from our Customers: Tom R. travels frequently on international trips. iPlum helped him to take the “bill shock” out of business travel. His overseas trips were making it a struggle to keep in touch. iPlum came to the rescue.

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