Canada Second Mobile Line

“Earlier I kept two cellphones to separate my business and personal life. It was very inconvenient. The carrier service in Canada is expensive. After porting one line to iPlum, I am saving money and I have the freedom of carrying only one phone with both numbers on same phone.” Nancy D. (Dentist)

Why iPlum Number?

iPlum gives you a new US or Canada number on your existing phone so that you don’t have to carry two devices. It creates a separate line with its own calling, texting, distinct ringtone and voicemail.You can also port your existing number into iPlum.

What is iPlum Canada Number Pricing?

Measured Plan*

  • Local phone number + 400 roll-over credits : $5.99/mo

    e.g. Canada rates: 1 min call = 1 text = 2 credits.

Unlimited Plan*

  • Local phone number + unlimited Canada calling:

    $11.25/mo (paid annually) or $14.99/mo (paid monthly)

  • Local phone number + unlimited Canada calling & texting:

    $12.91/mo (paid annually) or $19.99/mo (paid monthly)

  • No extra taxes or surcharges. No contract.

    *All charges are in USD. Follows fair usage guidelines in privacy policy.

Can I port my existing number into iPlum?

Yes, you can also port your existing U.S., Canada or Toll-free number into iPlum. Your rates are same as new number products at iPlum. How to port an existing number into iPlum?

Can I get a Canada number even if I am located Internationally?

Yes, you can get an iPlum low cost Canada number even if you are located elsewhere in the world. iPlum makes that possible with our advanced communications platform.

Does iPlum provide Call Recording?

Yes, iPlum provides call recording feature. For compliance it includes an optional “Consent” message which you can play for incoming calls if your state requires it. You automatically get an alert via email when you have a recording which you can play in the iPlum online portal or iPlum app.

Can I setup auto-attendant and extensions for my Canada number?

iPlum allows you to add cloud based professional greetings and quick extensions to your phone number. You can be a solo professional or a business with multiple employees to use iPlum. It is light weight and easy to setup without requiring any expert. “Press ‘1’ for Sales, press ‘2’ for Support…” How iPlum mobile phone system with auto-attendant works?

What are other iPlum Features?

  • Free 10 usage trial credits at signup.

  • Domestic & International Calling, Roaming.

  • Domestic & International Multimedia Messaging (Audio, Photo, Text, Video), Short-codes.

  • Cloud Voicemail with Email Alert.

  • True Caller-ID with Call Return.

  • Auto-Reply Text.

  • Signature Text.

  • Port-in or Transfer Existing Number to iPlum.

  • Advanced Call Forwarding – Global.

  • Auto-Attendant or Virtual Attendant.

  • Multiple Forwarding Extensions.

  • Call Recording.

  • Do Not Disturb.

  • Set Business Hours.

  • Block Phone Numbers.

  • Ringtones.

  • AES-256 Data Encryption & PKI Cryptography.

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device ready (BYOD).

  • Cloud Based Group Management Console.

  • REST APIs for Usage Management.

  • 23 Languages.

*All charges are in USD.

Step by Step Process to Get a Canada Number:

  1. Signup an iPlum account:

    1. At iPlum website click Sign in at top right corner.

    2. Enter your physical mobile or landline number to open an account. This number will become your login for the new account. It will not change any services or carrier on this number.

    3. Note: To port your existing number into iPlum. You can use the porting number as your login but if this number is a virtual number, first setup an iPlum account with a physical mobile or landline number and then port your virtual number into iPlum account using these additional steps.

    4. Verify Code: iPlum will send you a code. It will come as text message to your mobile or an automated phone call to your landline number.

    5. Register: Enter your information to setup the new account.

  2. Dashboard: Login to your iPlum online account.

  3. Get iPlum Phone Number: Click Dashboard >> Phone Plan >> Select Account >> Subscription (Canada).

  4. Note: If you have already set up an iPlum subscription in the App Store or Google Play, you can conveniently move your future subscriptions to iPlum dashboard. Any new number plan purchased here will automatically add additional duration to the existing subscription period so that you never lose any leftover term.

  5. (Optional) Enable Auto-Attendant to setup welcome greetings for your callers.

  6. Download iPlum app from Apple iTunes or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet, login and start using it.

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What our users say

Get a dedicated iPlum phone number with affordable calling and texting. Works great for both business purposes and private use.

iPlum user Paul D.

Paul D.

IT Consultant Our company uses iPlum for employees. It is a great way to save money. Voice quality is great and users love its simplicity vs. carrying two devices.
iPlum user Jane S.

Jane S.

Real Estate I am a realtor and use iPlum virtual attendant for my business number. I advertise my iPlum number for all my appointments. I can keep my personal mobile number private.
iPlum user Vasquez P.

Vasquez P.

Neurosurgeon I am a doctor. I can call and record my patients using iPlum – keeps my personal cell phone number private and patients are happy with my responsive service.
iPlum user Ambre K.

Ambre K.

Journalist I use iPlum as a 2nd number for Privacy. I can send messages and photos. I can record my calls and protect my identity with people I don’t know that well.
iPlum user Tom R.

Tom R.

Traveler I live in U.S. and travel globally. iPlum number saves me money for calling & texting when I am abroad. My family can reach me with a local call and I can reach them easily.
iPlum user Maya N.

Maya N.

Recruiter I am always talking to new clients. I don’t have to use my personal mobile number. With iPlum I can respond in a timely fashion and keep my information separate and secure.
iPlum user Dan T.

Dan T.

Business Owner I am a supplier. I use iPlum for developing my business with U.S. customers. They can reach me for orders or customer service with a local call.
iPlum user Katie J.

Katie J.

Student I am a student . I can use my wi-fi tablet and convert into a phone with iPlum. The iPlum phone number for calling & texting anywhere in the world is so affordable for me.

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