02 Sep 2016

How does iPlum business team account work?

02 Sep 2016
The iPlum business team account is a convenient way to manage all your users in one place, from a cloud based portal. The group of users you manage may consist of employees in a business or a large corporation, or could even be just your family members.

  • Add and manage multiple users
  • Allocate phone numbers and credits
  • Consolidate and transfer billing from individual to business account
  • Monitor usage of credits

  • There are no extra charges for using iPlum business account.

    Step by Step Process:

    1. Signup an iPlum account: On your computer or tablet browser go to iPlum website and click Signup at top right corner. Enter your phone number to start enrollment which will also become your Login ID for the new account.

      You can use existing mobile or landline number to setup new iPlum account but virtual numbers are not accepted.

      Note: If you have already downloaded iPlum app using Apple iTunes or Google Play and completed the registration process, you can simply login to your iPlum online account https://my.iplum.com/ and skip to Step-4.

    2. Verify Code: iPlum will send you a code via text message to your mobile or an automated phone call to your landline number.

    3. Register: Enter your information to setup the new account.

    4. Dashboard: You are now logged into your iPlum account.

    5. Billing setup: In the left menu, select “Billing” and setup your PayPal payment method.

      Note: This will be your default payment method for all purchases and to keep the highest level of security only PayPal is accepted for payments. PayPal allows you to attach any credit, debit card or bank account for payments without exposing your financial information to the vendors. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please visit PayPal official website and set up one.

    6. If you have already set up an iPlum subscription in App Store or Google Play, you can move your future subscriptions online. Any new number plan purchased online using PayPal will automatically add additional duration to the existing subscription period so that the user will never lose any previously paid up period. Once you have moved your subscription to the web business account, you don’t roll it back to the App Store since these are two separate billing systems.

    7. Setup team account: Select “Profile” and check the option, “Manage other iPlum users in this Account”.

    8. Add Users in Team Account

      • To add a brand new user: Click “Add User” and enter their phone number (mobile or landline) and an email. You can associate credits with the invitation so that the user can start using the account after they have accepted your invitation. Each user will receive a message with link to download the iPlum app and the unique “Business Transfer code” for moving the account to the business account. The user would download iPlum app from App Store or Google Play. After fully registering the app, they would choose Settings >> Business Account and enter Transfer code. They will part of your business account. Now you can assign iPlum number to them.

      • To attach an existing iPlum user: Click “Add User” and enter their iPlum Login ID and an email. The Login ID is the phone number which the user has used to signup for iPlum app. The user will receive a message with a unique “Business Transfer code” for moving their iPlum account to the business account. They would choose Settings >> Business Account and enter Transfer code. They will part of your business account. If they don’t have iPlum number you can assign it to them.

    9. Assign an iPlum phone number: After an invited user has installed the iPlum app and accepted your invitation, click “Users” in the left menu bar your iPlum Dashboard. You will see that the user has “Active” status. Click the gear icon next to the user to bring a panel below it. Choose “Number Plan” to select a phone number for the user. Choose “Credits” to add credits to the user if you have not already done that when sending out the invites.

    10. (Optional) Port-in an existing number: if you want to transfer an existing phone number to iPlum, please follow the simple process here and get same low rate of $1/month.

    11. Download iPlum app from Apple iTunes or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet. You can login and start using it.

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