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Why Get iPlum Canada Phone Number For Your Business?

Getting a Canada virtual mobile phone number is an effective way of creating a business line on your existing personal phone. You may be a Canadian user looking for a second line on your personal phone for business purposes or you could be an non-Canada user looking to expand your reach to Canada customers. It is an alternative way of calling and texting without revealing your personal or private number. iPlum provides US, Canada or Toll Free numbers for business at an affordable pricing.

Do You Need A Canada Phone Number For Your Business?

A reliable means of communication while you are on mobile is critical for a successful business. Today’s technology allows you to have a separate Canada number on your phone to conduct your Canadian business. You want to keep your personal and business separate.

Why Businesses Are Using Canadian Second Line On Their Mobile Instead Of Landline For Employees?

By using a VoIP cell phone number for Canada, businesses can reach their customer easily. It is essential to establish a reliable customer service option with Canada local DID number irrespective of the business you deal with.

50+ Calling & Texting Features

    arrow_forward_ios Local & 800 Toll Free Numbers.

    arrow_forward_ios Number Portability.

    arrow_forward_ios Call Mode: Voice Network or Wi-Fi/Data.

    arrow_forward_ios True Caller-ID with Call Return.

    arrow_forward_ios Auto Attendant (IVR).

    arrow_forward_ios Business Team Account.

    arrow_forward_ios Business Hours.

    arrow_forward_ios Domestic Calling.

    arrow_forward_ios International Calling.

    arrow_forward_ios Secure Texting.

    arrow_forward_ios Domestic Texting.

    arrow_forward_ios International Texting.

    arrow_forward_ios MMS: Audio, Photo, Video, Short-codes.

    arrow_forward_ios Cloud Voicemail.

    arrow_forward_ios Email Alerts for Voicemail.

    arrow_forward_ios Custom Voicemail Greeting.

    arrow_forward_ios Call Notifications.

    arrow_forward_ios Transcriptions for Voicemail.

    arrow_forward_ios Out of Office Greeting.

    arrow_forward_ios Custom Auto Attendant Greeting.

    arrow_forward_ios Call Transfer.

    arrow_forward_ios Music on Hold.

    arrow_forward_ios Create Forwarding Extensions.

    arrow_forward_ios Call Management Rules.

    arrow_forward_ios Text to Speech Greetings.

    arrow_forward_ios Signature Text.

    arrow_forward_ios Auto-Text Missed Calls & SMS.

    arrow_forward_ios Auto-Text Business Hours.

    arrow_forward_ios Auto Attendant.

    arrow_forward_ios Fax.

    arrow_forward_ios Business Contacts.

    arrow_forward_ios Favorites Address Book.

    arrow_forward_ios Text Archiving, Backup.

    arrow_forward_ios Text to Email.

    arrow_forward_ios Multiple Call Forwarding – Global.

    arrow_forward_ios Multiple Inbound Paths.

    arrow_forward_ios Call Recording.

    arrow_forward_ios Announcement Call Recording Compliance.

    arrow_forward_ios Calling & Texting Logs.

    arrow_forward_ios Do Not Disturb.

    arrow_forward_ios Password Lock.

    arrow_forward_ios Reactivate Number.

    arrow_forward_ios Change/Swap Number.

    arrow_forward_ios Block Phone Numbers.

    arrow_forward_ios Ringtones & Message Tones.

    arrow_forward_ios HIPAA & HITECH Compliance.

    arrow_forward_ios BAA: Business Associate Agreement.

    arrow_forward_ios AES-256 Data Encryption & PKI Cryptography.

    arrow_forward_ios Bring-Your-Own-Device ready (BYOD).

    arrow_forward_ios Cloud Based Group Management Console.

    arrow_forward_ios REST APIs for Usage Management.

    arrow_forward_ios Universal Links for Developer Integration.

    arrow_forward_ios iOS: iPhone & iPad.

    arrow_forward_ios Android: Smartphone, Tablet, Chromebook.

    arrow_forward_ios 23 Languages, 200 countries.

    arrow_forward_ios Customer Service (U.S. Based).

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What Are The Benefits Of Low Cost Canada Second Phone Line Apps For iPhone or Android?

  • Employees are mobile. They are not tied to a desk all times and the clients expect to reach them during business hours.

  • Texting is becoming a modern tool. Landline doesn’t offer these options.

  • iPlum Canada phone number works with existing carrier network. No need to change the phone or plan.

  • Separate everything including ringtones and voicemail

  • Set up Auto Attendant and IVR features for free


HD Calling








Carrier, Wi-Fi




Auto Attendant (IVR)


Team Account

Customers Say About iPlum
Vasquez P. Neurosurgeon As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.
Tom R. Real Estate As someone who works all hours, keeping my personal and professional life separate is very important. With iPlum, I can set business hours & use automated greeting for my clients.
Paul D. IT Consultant Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work with. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable.
Ambre K. Journalist iPlum’s business line allow me to present a professional image at an affordable price. People are always impressed by how easy it is to get in touch with me. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Additional iPlum Canada Phone Number Questions

Does iPlum Canadian Line Provide A True Separate Second Line On My Mobile?

Yes, iPlum Canada number has its own calling, texting, distinct ringtones and voicemail. You get a separate line with great features. There is no need to change primary carrier on your phone.

How Does iPlum Canada Number Provide Dual Mode Reliability As Second Line On My Phone?

With iPlum’s unique technology you can route your iPlum calls using carrier network on your phone without depending on internet data connection. This gives your Canada line tremendous reliability vs depending on VoIP for connecting calls. No more issues due to low data connection because you can use carrier mode all times and still show your iPlum number as caller-id for all iPlum calls.

Buy A New Canada Local Number

How Is Privacy Built Into iPlum Canada Second Line?

iPlum takes privacy to the core. All services provided by iPlum are business class with complete protection. At no times any information is shared with any third party. iPlum provides security and encryption in the iPlum app.

Can I Get A Local Number As Canada Second Line?

Yes, you can get a local Canada number with its first 3 or 6 digits. We have a large inventory of Canada numbers and provide those options to our users to choose at the time of signup.

Does iPlum Canada Numbers Have Multiple Paths For Simultaneous Calls?

Yes, iPlum provides simultaneous calling paths for your iPlum number. This is especially useful if you are using iPlum for your business and expect more than one caller at any time. The callers will never get a busy tone. If you are using iPlum free Auto Attendant / IVR, the callers will hear the greetings and get transferred to various extensions.

Port Existing Canada Number To iPlum

Can I Port Or Transfer My Existing Canada Mobile Or Landline Number Into iPlum?

iPlum provides full portability for both mobile and landline Canadian numbers: Port-in and Port-out. Process to port number into iPlum.

Can I Setup A Central Canada Master Account For Business To Establish Phone Numbers For Other Employees?

At iPlum you can setup a master account and add more lines for other users. You can manage permissions for various users. The system allows to reallocate numbers. When a user leaves the organization, you can easily reallocate that to a new employee without need to cancel the plan. Process to setup an iPlum master account with multiple users?

Can I Get A Canada Number Even If I Am Situated In A Different Country?

Yes, you can get an iPlum low cost number even if you are located elsewhere in the world. iPlum makes that possible with our advanced communications platform.

Can I Setup IVR / Auto-attendant And Extensions For My Canadian Line?

At iPlum you get free Auto Attendant, IVR feature where you can configure greetings to play when your customers call you and then transfer them to various extensions. It is easy to setup: Press one for sales, Two for support etc. Give a professional look for your business.

Can I Do Automatic Recording On My Canada Calls For Customer Support And Compliance?

iPlum provides call recording feature. There is an “Consent” message which you can play for incoming calls for compliance. The system sends you email alert whenever there is a recording waiting for you which you can check in the iPlum app or online iPlum portal.

Can I Do Texting Using My Canada iPlum Number?

iPlum provides full texting and multi-media messaging on all Canada numbers so that you can provide modern support to your customers at all times. When you transfer your Canada landline to iPlum, it is automatically enabled for Texting for no additional charge.

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