01 Jan 2018

Financial Sector Mobile Compliance

Who needs financial sector mobile compliance?

Financial sector professionals dealing with consumers related to buy, sell, advise for all types of financial assets. Find more.

Where to get financial sector mobile compliance at iPlum?

Note: Each iPlum number needs to have its own compliance plan.

  1. Login to your iPlum online account https://my.iplum.com.

  2. Dashboard || Accounts || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Financial Compliance

  3. Note: When you follow the financial compliance link above, it will take you to the prerequisites step by step.

Prerequisites for financial sector mobile compliance (Both A & B):

  1. iPlum Number Plan:

    • iPlum Monthly or Annual Unlimited Plan.

    • OR

    • Upgrade from any other plan to unlimited plan.
      Dashboard || Accounts || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Manage Plans || Number Plan || Change

  2. Financial Compliance Add-on ($9.99).

  3. Includes: Call Recording & Archiving; Encrypted Data; Text Archive & Restore; Business Contacts Backup; Unlimited Secure Text Channels.