Number Porting

“I was paying over $50 per month for a phone line which I had for years with the carrier. After moving to iPlum I am paying less than one fifth charges with the convenience of separate line on my mobile, flexible billing and ability to call or text any domestic or international number. I am glad I switched to iPlum.” Nancy L, Nurse

Why Transfer Your Phone Number to iPlum?

You can take advantage of iPlum’s no-contract, low-cost service to save substantial charges compared to a regular carrier.

iPlum allows you to transfer your mobile or landline U.S., Canada or Toll-free number into iPlum. Both residential and business numbers are eligible for porting. By moving your landline to iPlum, you get an additional capability of sending and receiving text messages on your line.

Our users have complete freedom to choose. If after port-in, you decide to port-out your number to another carrier for any reason, there is no contract imposed by iPlum.

Steps to Port / Transfer your Existing Phone Number to iPlum:

  1. Signup an iPlum account:

    Note: If you have already created an iPlum account using iPlum mobile app, you can directly login to your iPlum online account and proceed to Step-2.

    1. On your computer or tablet browser go to iPlum website and click Signup at top right corner.

    2. Choosing your Login ID: Your login-id doesn’t have to be the number you are porting. You can enter any existing mobile or landline phone number (home or business) to setup an up an iPlum account. Make sure it is a physical number. You can port a virtual number into iPlum but iPlum new account creation requires a physical number. This number will become your login-id for the new account. It will not change any services or carrier on this number.

    3. If the number you are porting is a virtual number or a toll-free number, it is important to first setup an iPlum account with physical number (mobile or landline) and then port your number into this account.

    4. Verify Code: iPlum will send you a code via text message for your mobile or an automated phone call to your landline depending on your login-id.

    5. Register: Enter your information to setup the new account.

  2. Dashboard: You are logged in your iPlum online account.

  3. Check port eligibility: In the left column menu, click “Port Number” and then “Number Eligibility”. Enter the phone number which you want to transfer to iPlum. The porting number should be a working number which you own. Disconnected numbers can’t be ported.

    If you get “Congratulations” screen, it means that the number can be ported.

  4. Setup a subscription plan according to the number type you will be porting:

    Note: If you have an existing correct iPlum phone number subscription type, you can move to the next step-5.

    1. The subscription plan you select needs to be of the same type as the number you are porting. For porting a U.S. number select U.S. plan; Canada number requires an iPlum Canada Plan and for Toll-free get the Toll-free plan. The area-code of the temporary number can be different from the area code of the number you are porting as long as the subscription plan type is same.

    2. Note: If you are looking to get “Unlimited U.S. Calling Plan”, you still need the iPlum Phone Plan for the actual phone number. Unlimited plans are an add-on which you can add after completing the port process.

    3. In the menu, click “Dashboard” and then “Phone Plan”. Get an iPlum subscription with a “temporary iPlum number”. The purpose of this number is to setup a placeholder until your actual number is ported into iPlum and then this temporary number will be automatically deleted from the account.

  5. Start port-in process: In the left column menu, click “Port Number” and then “Start Port-in”. Enter the phone number which you want to transfer into iPlum.

  6. Fill the form: Enter the requested information. Make sure to fill all the mandatory fields.

    It is advisable to call your carrier customer service and get all the information before filling the form:

    Carrier Account: Select Single-Line if there is only one number on your account which is getting ported. Select Muti-Line if there are more numbers on the account even if you are transferring only one number into iPlum.

    Account Type: Select Business, Residential or Toll-free.

    Carrier Account Number: Enter full number normally located at the top of the carrier bill. Don’t enter spaces, dashes or hyphens.

    Name/Business Name: Fill the text box as per information on your carrier bill.

    Account Owner’s Name: For businesses, it is the name of the person authorized on the account. For residential it is same as the subscriber’s name.

    Primary Phone Number on Account: For Single-Line account it is same as the number you are porting. For Multi-Line account, enter the primary phone number on the account.

    Porting Account Pin or Security Code: Enter the security code or pin on the account. If you don’t have one enter 0000.

    Address: Enter your “full service address” on file with the carrier. Your service address could be different than the billing address. Do not enter PO Box addresses. If your bill has only PO Box address, call your carrier to get service address.

    3rd Party Verification Fees: There is one-time $9.99 verification fees which you can get reimbursed at iPlum by upgrading your number plan to annual subscription.

  7. Complete the process: It takes approximately 4 – 7 business days to transfer a phone number into iPlum based on the carrier. Meantime you can continue to use your service with existing carrier. There is no down time. You will receive an email notification when the transfer is complete and your ported number will start ringing in your iPlum app.

    Note: For Toll-free or Canada number transfers, there is an additional form which needs to be filled and emailed to our support team. You will get the instructions via email after port submission.

  8. Temporary iPlum Number will be removed: After your number has been ported, it will replace your temporary iPlum number.

  9. Download iPlum app & start using iPlum:Go to Apple iTunes or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet to download the iPlum app. You can simply login and start using it.

  10. Check disconnect with the carrier: After your number is ported over to iPlum, we advise that you call your carrier to confirm disconnect of the service and stop any further billing.

  11. Add additional ports: If you want to port additional numbers into this account, you have to first convert your iPlum account into a Business team account , add new users and repeat the same port process as many times for each number. There are no extra charges for setting business account.

  12. Port-out: If for any reason in future you decide to port-out your number to another carrier, you can easily do that. With iPlum, there is no lock-in or any restrictive long term contract.

Note: During port process, if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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List of some carriers which you can port into iPlum:

AT&T, AT&T GoPhone, Bandwidth, Bell, Boost Mobile, CenturyLink, Chatr, Cingular, Cincinnati Bell, Cityfone, Consumer Cellular, Convoi, Cox Cable, Credo, Cricket, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Frontier Communications, Google Voice, Google Project Fi, Grasshopper, H2O Wireless, Koodo, Level 3, Line 2, Lyca Mobile, Magic Jack, MetroPCS, Mobilicity, Ooma, Ptel, Qwest, Republic Wireless, Ring Plus, Rogers, SendHub, Sideline, Skype, Sprint, Straight Talk, Telus, Text Now, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Prepaid, TracFone or Net10, Ultra Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Wireless Prepaid, Virgin Mobile, Vonage, Wind etc.