Call Recording

“I was looking for a simple solution for recording mobile calls. iPlum provides an easy interface using my cell phone. I can save my recordings & play them as mp3 later.” Jennifer M. (Executive)

Features of iPlum Call Recording:

  1. Record all outgoing calls.

  2. Record all incoming calls with an iPlum phone number

  3. Works for both business & personal use.

  4. Download, save and play standard mp3 recordings in the app or online portal.

  5. Play an optional consent message for incoming calls for legal compliance.

  6. Get email notification when there is a recording waiting for you.

  7. Also works for Auto-Attendant and Call Forwarding calls.

How do I actually record calls from my mobile?

Just the dial the number from a native-like keypad in the iPlum app. For your convenience you can also dial directly from phone book contacts in the the iPlum app.

Do I need iPlum phone number subscription to use call recording?

No, you don’t need iPlum phone number subscription if you are just using iPlum call recording for outgoing calls. If you need incoming recordings or if you need a second line for privacy purposes, then you would get iPlum phone number subscription.

What is the cost of call recording?

You can buy call recording plan either in the iPlum App or iPlum online portal.

Plan: There are 3 Free trial recordings to make sure you like the feature. You don’t need any credit card to test the service. If you like it you can purchase it for a flat rate of $4.99 per month.

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