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iPlum Call Recording

“I was looking for a simple solution for recording my mobile calls. iPlum provides an easy interface using either iPhone or Android. I can also save them as audio files & play them later.” Jennifer M. (Executive)

Features of iPlum Call Recording:

  1. Record all outgoing calls automatically.

  2. Record all incoming calls automatically.

  3. Works for both business & personal use.

  4. Download, save and play standard audio files in the app or online portal.

  5. Play an optional consent message for legal compliance.

  6. Get email notification when there is a recording waiting for you.

  7. Works for Auto-Attendant/IVR and Call Forwarding calls.

Where do I set my call recording options?

You can setup call recording options in the iPlum App or iPlum online portal.

What is the cost of call recording?

Plan: $4.99 per month.

You can buy it either in the iPlum App or iPlum online portal.

How many recordings can be saved at a time?

The system will save up to 100 recordings. After that it will overwrite on the oldest recording. You can always download and save your call recording files online using iPlum portal and delete it from your account using iPlum app or online portal.

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