01 Jun 2017

Why some iPlum calls are going to my personal voicemail?

How to make sure that all unanswered calls go to iPlum voicemail & not personal voicemail?

Voice network mode is a unique feature at iPlum which helps in getting carrier class voice quality for your iPlum calls without using data.

  1. For incoming calls with voice network mode, you will first see a notification alerting you to an iPlum call.

    • Accept the call by sliding on screen or push green button.

    • If you do not want to take the call, just let it ring and it will go to your iPlum voicemail. If you need to stop ringing, just decline the call by pushing the side power button on your device. The ringing will stop immediately and after 20 seconds (default) and iPlum will route the unanswered call to iPlum voicemail. If you tap “Decline” icon on unlocked screen, your device will force the call to its native voicemail which is inherent hardware limitation.

  2. If you happen to setup Do-Not-Disturb on your device settings, remember to set Do-Not-Disturb on your iPlum settings as well which will route the call to iPlum voicemail before sending it to your voice network.

  3. In some rare cases you may need to decrease the Ringing Time in iPlum App Settings to 15 seconds (iPlum App Settings || Ringtones || Ringing Time). This is for situations where your physical mobile phone voicemail kicks in less than 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can contact your carrier to increase the ringing time on your physical mobile phone to 20 seconds or more.

Disable voice network mode & instead use wi-fi or carrier data for incoming calls?

  • iPlum App: iPlum App Settings || Call Mode: Voice Network or VoIP Data || Incoming Calls || Use My Wi-Fi or Carrier Data.

  • Online web portal: Login https://my.iplum.com/. Click “Calling Network Mode” in left menu || Incoming Calls || Select Line || Use My Wi-Fi or Carrier Data

How to enable voice network mode for incoming calls with distinct ringtone?