29 Dec 2015

I am not getting any sound on incoming call or text message notifications?

29 Dec 2015

If you are having issues with receiving calls, text, volume during calls or app crashing, please follow these simple steps.


  1. iPhone/iPad Settings >> Volume: Make sure the ringer is not set on silent mode.

  2. iPhone/iPad Settings >> iPlum app: Enable the Permissions for Microphone, Camera, Contacts & Notifications (All).

  3. iPlum App Settings : Check “Do Not Disturb” options for calls or messages are not mistakenly enabled by you.

  4. iCloud: Restoring an older app version from the iCloud backup may interfere with certain updated settings and the app may not function as intended. To do a fresh install please follow these steps:

    1. iPhone >> Settings >> Apple ID, iCloud,iTunes >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive. If enabled for iPlum app, toggle to disable.
    2. Now delete iPlum app from the device (Warning: It will delete the actual text messages from the app since they are encrypted but you can still see the call and text time log in the settings when you reinstall the iPlum app).
    3. Reboot the device.
    4. Install fresh iPlum app from the App store. It will show as if coming from iCloud but it is new install because you had disabled iCloud backup for it.
    5. Login using your existing iPlum credentials. It will restore your settings, plan and credits
    6. During install when prompted for notifications, contacts, sounds to iPlum app, select “Enable”.


  1. Android Settings >> Sounds & notifications >> Sound >> Make sure the Ringtones & Notifications is not in silent mode.

  2. Android Settings >> Sounds & notifications >> Scroll to Notifications >> Application notifications >> iPlum >> Allow notifications.

  3. Android Settings >> Application manager >> iPlum >> Permissions >> Enable Microphone, Contacts, Camera, Location.

  4. Make sure the iPlum app is running & not “Force Stop”. Force Stopped condition will not receive any ringtones or notifications to the iPlum app.

  5. (Android version 5.x and below) Android Settings >> Data usage >> More >> Restrict background data (Enable).

  6. (Android version 6.0 and above)”Doze mode”: White-list iPlum app. Click Device Settings >> Battery >> Top right choose “Battery Optimization”. Toggle from “Not Optimized” to “All Apps”. Scroll to iPlum and then choose “Don’t Optimize” and click “Done”.

  7. iPlum App Settings: Check “Do Not Disturb” options for calls or messages are not mistakenly enabled by you.