20 Jan 2017

How to record voicemail greeting?

Note: If you are looking for “Simple Announcement”, check this link.
If you are looking for “IVR/Auto-Attendant Greeting”, check this link.

There are three ways to record your Voicemail Greeting.

A. Standard prerecorded voicemail greeting (Free)

The female voicemail greeting comes standard with all iPlum accounts.

B. Record voicemail greeting in your own voice (Free)

Note: This option is available in iPlum app. It is not available in iPlum portal.

  1. Open iPlum App.

  2. Click Menu icon at the top left of the screen to open sidebar.

  3. Click Voicemail button & click Greeting at the bottom.

  4. Follow the prompts to record your personalized greeting.

Note: In some rare situations the Wi-Fi on the device may block connecting to the voicemail prompts. If you are having issues, try by switching off the Wi-Fi on the device. If you are still having issues, delete and reinstall iPlum app.

C. Send Custom Sound File to Upload($10)

  1. Record WAV file format.
    High volume with 16 bit PCM encoding, 8000 Hz Sampling rate, Mono sound and 2 second silence in the beginning. It is a good practice to keep it 30 seconds or less. You can also record your file in MP3 mono file format in high volume and our audio engineers would convert it to the correct wav file format.
    Note:There are many online companies like Fiverr (no association with iPlum) which has sellers who will record a professional greeting file for as low as $5.

  2. Note: File size should not exceed 1 MB.

  3. Send your audio file to “support@iplum.com”.
    In the email subject enter “Voicemail Greeting for iPlum # XXXXX”. In the body of email paste the transaction-ID or receipt # or attach your PayPal payment receipt. Don’t forget to attach your audio file. You will get a confirmation email after our team has uploaded your custom greeting in your account.

  4. Payment: Make $10 payment to digitally sign and upload each custom audio file in your iPlum account.

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