19 Jan 2017

How to change iPlum Caller-ID?


The caller-ID is your iPlum “Name”.

  1. Login to secure online portal https://my.iplum.com.

  2. Dashboard || Accounts || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Profile & Permissions

  3. You will see different options you can edit.

  4. Login ID: Click on the pencil icon next to it and update the login id to a different mobile number or email. The system will send a verification code to the new login id which when verified becomes new login id of the account.

    Email: Click on the pencil icon next to it and update to new email. The change is instant.

    Name: Click on the pencil icon next to it and update to new name. It can take up to 48 hours to propagate new Caller-ID name. Name is propagated only for local numbers.

    Note: For Toll-free numbers it will show name as “Toll-free”.

    Caller-ID for main and sub-accounts: You have a choice to set caller id based on phone numbers in your iPlum account. By default caller-id is the iPlum name and number for that account/sub-account.
    If you have sub-accounts and you wish to change the sub-account caller-id to another iPlum number within same team account, you can switch it here. Click on the pencil icon. Choose between user’s number, main iPlum number or other iPlum numbers on the account.

    Note: Most carriers would show both the caller name and phone number in the caller-id but some receiving carriers may show only the caller number with city & state based on their internal policies.

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