19 Jan 2017

How to change iPlum Caller-ID?

Your Caller-ID is your iPlum name.

Note: If you have iPlum sub-accounts, you can change the Caller-ID of sub-accounts to match with main account.


  1. Login to secure online portal https://my.iplum.com.

  2. Go to “Accounts || Select Account || Profile & Permissions”.

  3. You will see different options you can edit.

  4. Name: Click on the pencil icon next to it and update to new name. It can take up to 48 hours to propagate new Caller-ID name.

    Caller-ID with Sub-Accounts: Normally Caller-ID is your iPlum name and number. But if you have sub-accounts and you wish to change the sub-account Caller-ID to another iPlum name, you can switch it here. Click on the pencil icon. Choose between user’s iPlum number or other iPlum numbers on the account.

    Note: Most carriers would show both the caller name and phone number in the caller-id but some receiving carriers may show only the caller number with city & state based on their internal policies.

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