05 Jun 2017

How does iPlum work?

05 Jun 2017

Built for Professionals

  1. Secure & reliable

  2. iPlum lets you call and text with a second number on your mobile phone. You get a dedicated phone number that works anywhere in the world.

    Built on next-generation cloud communications platform, iPlum works globally to connect with any landline or mobile phone no matter where you are.

    “Unlike some free calling providers who use your calling and texting Metadata for indirect advertising, iPlum fully protects your information & never shares it with any third party. You get complete peace of mind.”

  3. Choose a new number or port your existing line

  4. You can choose a phone number from U.S., Canada, Toll-free or port your existing number. It creates a separate second line on your mobile phone or tablet.

    U.S. Number: $1 /month

    Canada: $2 /month

    Toll-free: $5 /month

    How to setup iPlum online?
    How to port an existing number into iPlum?

  5. Free app-app calling, texting & unlimited toll-free calling

  6. iPlum app to app calling and multimedia texting are completely free and unlimited. Toll-free calls to the U.S. numbers are free and unlimited.

  7. Low cost calling, texting to domestic & international numbers

  8. E.g.: U.S. calling or texting (in / out): 1 cent/min or 1 cent/text

    Rates for international calling, texting or roaming are 1 cent and up. You can look up international rates for different countries in the iPlum app Settings.

  9. Proprietary adaptive data compression technology for calling

  10. iPlum works on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE and uses proprietary algorithms for delivering reliable, high quality voice while using minimum data bandwidth. This is specially helpful when you are traveling.

  11. Call forwarding to external numbers (How to?)

  12. You can forward your iPlum calls to your existing landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world and get the same low rates. Call Forwarding can be setup in the iPlum app settings.

  13. Port-in your existing number to iPlum (How to?)

  14. Transfer your existing mobile or landline phone number to iPlum and get the same low monthly rate. So you get to keep the number while carrying only one phone. It is available for business or residential.

  15. Business team account (How to?)

  16. You can set up an iPlum business account to manage phone numbers and credits for your users centrally from the cloud-based console at https://my.iplum.com. Your group of users may be employees at the company or just your family members. There is no extra charge for a business account.

  17. Separate Voicemail

  18. iPlum Voicemail is separate from the voicemail on your mobile number. You can customize greetings for callers on your second line.

  19. Use any network globally

  20. iPlum works on any cellular or Wi-Fi network around the world. The app is available in 23 languages. You can call numbers in 200+ countries.

  21. Available on iOS and Android (Smartphones and Tablets)

  22. iPlum works on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can install iPlum on an iPad or a tablet and convert it into a smartphone for inbound and outbound calling and texting.

  23. No contracts, cancel anytime

  24. we believe in users freedom to choose. Our users have the ability to start or stop iPlum low-cost service at will. There are no complicated contracts.

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