03 Jan 2019

How does business contacts or address book work in iPlum app?

What is the difference between Device and Business contacts*?

Business contacts are created and saved in the iPlum app in a secure container. They are not saved in your phone’s address book.
Note: For HIPAA compliance use Business contacts and enable backup plan.

Device contacts come from your phone address book. They are visible in iPlum app but not saved in the app. When you make any changes on your phone’s native address book, they will get reflected in Device contacts section in iPlum app.

How to restore Business contacts if I accidentally delete the app?

You need the iPlum Backup plan active in your account to restore business contacts. It is the same plan which works for text messages backup.
iPlum App Settings || Backup & Restore || Business Contacts Restore.

Can I change the screen priority of Device and Business contacts?

Yes, you can change it to make Business or Device contacts as default screen.
iPlum App Settings || Contact Options || Set Default Phone Book.

How to add single or multiple contacts from my Device to Business contacts?

Open iPlum app and tap a contact in your Device contacts screen. It will open a grid below it with actions, tap More and tap Add to Business in contact detail. It will create a Business contact from your Device contact.

To add multiple business contacts without manually entering each contact, you can add them in your Outlook or similar email program which you access on your phone. When these contacts are in your native address book, they will be visible in the Device contacts section of iPlum app. Simply go to each contact and tap Add to Business. Once done, you can delete them from your phone’s address book and email application.

How to add and attach Groups to Business contacts?

There are two ways to add and attach Groups to Business contacts in iPlum app:

  • In the Business contact screen, tap “+” and Add Group. Go to a Business contact detail, edit it and attach the Group to it.

  • Go to a Business contact detail and click “Edit”. Tap on the Groups text box. Add a new group or assign an existing group to this contact.
How to delete a Business contact?

Go to that business contact details in iPlum app and click “Edit”. You will see a Delete button at the bottom.

How to delete a Device contact?

Go to that contact detail in your native address book and click “Edit”. You will see a Delete button at the bottom. Once you delete in native contacts, it will not show in Device contacts in iPlum app.

Can I hide my Device contacts in iPlum app?

Yes, you can hide them in iPlum app.
iPlum App Settings || Contact Options || Show/Hide Device Contacts.

Important: We advise you to give permission access for Contacts to iPlum app in your iPhone or Android Settings and then hide them in iPlum app. It is mandatory for correct Caller ID and Ringtones management in Carrier Voice mode in iPlum app.

Is it safe to give Device contacts access to iPlum app?

Yes, iPlum is a business app with complete privacy. We provide HIPAA compliance. All the information is encrypted and archived with highest security and reliability and never shared with any outside company.

I am not seeing a particular contact in my iPlum app Device contacts even though it actually exists in the device?

It is happening because you may have setup Custom labels of phone numbers in that contact. You may want to change them to standard labels like Business, Mobile, Home etc. You can do Pull-Down-To-Refresh in Contacts section of iPlum app.

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*5/1/2020: This feature is currently available for iOS devices. Android feature is coming soon.