04 Mar 2023

How templates work for texting?

What are templates?

Many times we are sending similar text message to our clients.
Templates framework in the iPlum app provides a simple way to create multiple text templates and easily send to the clients.

Where to setup text templates ?

iPlum app: Settings || Text options || Text Templates

Which plan do I need to activate the text template feature ?

You need Security & Backup addon plan to enable text templates in iPlum. This add-on feature for $5.99/mo paid annually or $6.99/mo paid monthly also includes backup of text and business contacts, secure texting, text to email and other features.

Examples of text templates

Appointment reminder

This is a reminder for your appointment at <Date, Time>.

We are located at <Address> From <Company name>

Business address & hours

We are located at <Address> Our business hours are <Hours> From <Company name>

We are currently closed

We are currently closed. Our staff will respond to you as soon as they are available.

From <Company name>

Our contact info

<Company name> <Address> <Email> <Phone Number>

Helpful links:

How to use secure texting?

Setup Auto text reply.

Setup text signature.

Note: Templates feature is currently available for iOS platform. It is coming soon for Android platform.