20 Aug 2017

How to unlock your account manually?

If you have enabled two-factor authentication on your iPlum account but locked your account for any reason, we provide a manual process to remove it to help our clients.

There is a $20 charge to manually unlock it by our security team. By following this process you give iPlum the permission to manually remove two-factor authentication on your account.

Send your request to “support@iplum.com”.

  1. In the subject of email enter “Unlock iPlum Account for iPlum # XXXXX (iPlum_number)”.

  2. In the body of email paste the transaction-ID or receipt # or attach your PayPal payment receipt.

  3. In the body of email also enter the payment method used by you for your iPlum subscription in order to verify the ownership of your account. It can be the last 4 digits of card or PayPal email or your iPlum subscription renewal date.

  4. You will get a confirmation email after our security team has manually unlocked your account.

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