04 Sep 2016

How to buy iPlum number or usage credits online?

Step by Step Process:

  1. Login: Go to the web page https://my.iplum.com on your computer or a tablet.

  2. Setup Billing: Click “Billing”. Add your payment method here. If you have set up multiple payment sources, select the one you want to use as “Default”.

  3. New iPlum Number Subscription: Dashboard >> Get iPlum Number .

    If you are getting a new iPlum number, you can select US, Canada or Toll-free option.

    Note: If you have already set up an iPlum subscription in the App Store or Google Play, you can conveniently move your future subscriptions to iPlum dashboard. Any new number plan purchased here will automatically add additional duration to the existing subscription period so that you never lose any leftover term. After you have successfully added the subscription plan on the iPlum web portal, you can remove the subscription on Apple App Store / Google Play so that you are not billed twice.

  4. Add Usage Credits If you would like to add extra global usage credits in your account, click Dashboard >> Add Credits.

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