25 Jun 2017

How to bulk upload new users?

Upload Instructions:

This process is used for easily creating multiple sub-accounts for users.

  1. Login iPlum portal and click Bulk Upload New Users. Download the template CSV file.
  2. Keep the header row as is. Add each new user in a separate row below the header row.
  3. Fill all 4 columns for each row. First column tells the system to use either phone number or email as iPlum login ID for that user. Please keep in mind the iPlum login ID has to be unique. Any other information can be same in multiple rows.
  4. Once you have uploaded the file, you will get an email with the success or failure for each user. If there are any error rows, only those users will not be created.

  5. You can fix the errors and upload the file again.

Further Steps at Success:

  1. Each user will receive a link via phone text or email to accept your invitation. They will be prompted to setup a new password.
  2. You will be notified via email when the user accepts your invitation.
  3. You can assign a new phone number to the user or port their existing number in their sub-account.