Developers: Enable Calling & Texting

Why iPlum for App Developers?

Calling & texting is not your core offering but your users need it using your app.

  • Simply install iPlum app along with your app.

  • One line code in your app to call/text using iPlum. No complicated SDKs to integrate.

  • Let end users manage their own telecom cost with no overhead for you.

How it works for calling & texting?

Enter iPlum universal links in your mobile app. If the iPlum app is not installed on the mobile device, it will automatically prompt the user to install iPlum app when user clicks the link.

Universal links requires iOS iPlum app version 5.4.5 or above.



Calling a domestic number 4081231234:

Calling an international number 1231234567 with country code +44



Messaging a domestic number 4081231234;content=iPlumIsCool

Messaging an international number 1231234567 with country code +44;content=iPlumIsCool

How to get usage logs for the account(optional)?

iPlum provides REST APIs for automatically downloading call and message logs to an external server. Developers can use iPlum APIs to download the usage activity and associate them to their users. For mode details click here.

For any additional question, please contact us.