How a Physician Keeps his Cell Phone Number Private using HIPAA Compliant iPlum?
13 Jul 2017

How a Physician Keeps his Cell Phone Number Private using HIPAA Compliant iPlum?

Experiences from our Customers

George V. is a physician. He uses HIPAA compliant iPlum to call and text his patients, keeping his personal cell phone number private.

The Challenge: How to be Accessible while still keeping Your Privacy

For professionals in the healthcare field, frequent contact with the public is a necessity. “A new patient starts off as a stranger who calls into our office,” says George. “I treat many patients with spinal issues suffering a lot of pain. I care for them and want to be responsive, so I need to be reachable on my cell phone. How can I accomplish this without giving up my privacy?”

Like most professionals in the healthcare field, George does not want to give out his personal mobile phone number. He also doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of carrying two phones all the time.

The Solution: Mask Your Personal Number Using iPlum Second Line

George’s organization read about the iPlum solution. They installed the app on his iPhone, selected a phone number in his local area code. He could start using it right away to call and secure text his patients.

“iPlum app is so easy to set up and use. It is inexpensive,” said George.

He found that using iPlum provides an easy way to mask his personal mobile number while calling patients. The client sees the iPlum phone number as caller ID. “My personal mobile number is kept private,” he said. “I can leave a message for a patient and they can call me back using the caller ID they see on their phone.”

“When I receive iPlum calls, I get a different ring tone. I have a separate iPlum voicemail. Now I can easily distinguish patient calls and personal calls.”

“When I am busy, I can setup Call forwarding in my iPlum app and all my iPlum calls gets automatically routed to my medical office front desk”

Because calls, text messages, and voicemail are handled separately from the personal mobile number, iPlum app helps clearly segregate personal from business.

iPlum phone number becomes the business phone number.

This solution helps healthcare professionals communicate better with patients, enabling responsive care while protecting provider privacy.


“I love that all communications for my practice are now isolated from my personal calling and texting,” said George. Now I have a separate call list for patients, text messages are shown in iPlum chats, and even voicemail is separate, so I even set up a different voicemail greeting for my patients.”

George is glad that he chose iPlum. He feels that his digital privacy is protected as he goes about his business, and his patients are happy with his responsive service.

Find more about iPlum HIPAA compliance.

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