21 Dec 2016

Archiving your iPlum Texts?

How to enable it?

Login as account administrator https://my.iplum.com/

In left menu panel click “Usage & Text Archive” and select “Enable Text Archive”

How it works?

iPlum is a business solution where user privacy is taken seriously. Due to inherent built-in security iPlum texts are encrypted when stored in the iPlum app. By default when you delete the app, they get erased.

To help users, we provide a special solution to backup your text automatically which you can view or download online after login at https://my.iplum.com/

When you enable this option, the system will encrypt the text data to store it & decrypt it for all the account/sub-accounts and make it available in logs and reports going forward. This option is available for account administrators.

What is the cost?

First month text archiving is free. Then it is only $1.99 per month. There is no contract and you can cancel it anytime.

Please contact us in case of any question.