07 Mar 2018

How to setup additional / multiple iPlum phone numbers?

Why need multiple iPlum numbers?

  1. Multiple iPlum numbers on same device:

    You may have different business where you advertise with different phone numbers. You can receive incoming calls for all iPlum numbers in the iPlum app by setting Call Forwarding from additional iPlum numbers to your main iPlum number.

    The additional numbers can be Local numbers of U.S., Canada or Toll-Free.

    You can also port additional phone numbers into iPlum using same principle.

    Important Note: To make any outbound call from an additional number to show its caller-id, you have to login as that additional account in your iPlum app.

  2. Separate iPlum numbers on different devices/users.

    You can setup different phones or tablets with their own iPlum numbers.

Note: If you are using multiple iPlum numbers with Call Forwarding on same device, you can select the option to show Caller-ID of additional iPlum number instead of origination calling number to distinguish which iPlum number received the call.

Steps to add additional iPlum numbers:

  1. Login to your primary iPlum Account online.

  2. Click “Additional Line“. Create a new login with mobile phone number or an email. Landline or virtual numbers not allowed to open sub-accounts. You will receive a link via phone text or email based on the login-id you enter.

    Click the link and it will take you to the web page where you can enter a new password for the new additional line sub-account. The additional line is now connected to your administrator account.

  3. Login as Primary account in your iPlum portal.

  4. Click “Accounts”: Select the additional line setup above and click “Manage Plans”. Select “Add/Edit” option under Number Plan to setup a new iPlum number for this additional line.

  5. Call Forwarding:To use additional line on the same device as primary iPlum number, set Call Forwarding from additional line to the primary number in the iPlum portal.

  6. Setup main number as caller-id for additional lines (optional): Accounts || Actions || Profile & Permissions

  7. Porting (optional): To port an existing number in the additional line, click “Port Number”, choose this additional line and complete the port process. Porting instructions are available here.

  8. If you have any questions, you can always Contact us.

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