07 Mar 2018

How to setup additional phone numbers on same device?

Note: iPlum app holds one iPlum number at a time. Please use below process to manage incoming calls from multiple iPlum numbers to one iPlum app by using iPlum Call Forwarding feature.


  • User has an existing iPlum phone number: 222-222-2222.

  • User’s carrier mobile phone number: 111-111-1111.

  • User wants to get an additional iPlum number and receive calls on same device.

A. Setup Additional iPlum Number.

  1. Login to your primary iPlum Account online.

  2. Click Accounts || Add Additional Line. Create a new sub-account with an email as login-id.

  3. Click the link you receive in SMS or Email to setup new password for the sub-account. The additional sub-account is now connected to your administrator account.

  4. Login to your primary iPlum Account.

  5. Click Accounts || Select the additional line setup above. Click “Get iPlum Number” to setup a new iPlum number for this sub-account. Lets say that number you buy is 333-333-3333.

B. Setup Call Forwarding on additional iPlum Number.

With in iPlum Portal Select:

“Simple Call Forwarding” in left menu || Select Line (333-333-3333) || Enable Call Forwarding

  1. Enter 222-222-2222.

  2. Use iPlum Voicemail.

  3. Select Incoming Caller-ID Number || Use iPlum Number.

C. Voice Network mode:

With in iPlum Portal Select:

“Calls: Network Mode” in left menu || Incoming Calls || Select Line || Use My Voice Network.

Setup Voice network mode for incoming calls on 222-222-2222 to point to 111-111-1111.

D. Voicemail:

You can setup voicemail greetings in your own voice for each account by login into respective account using iPlum app. You can also customize the greetings with a recorded sound file by sending us.

Note: If you don’t want to pick the call, just let it ring or click “Side Power button” to stop ringing on your device. After 20 seconds (default) the call will automatically go to its own iPlum voicemail and you will get an email alert for it.

E. Voicemail Transcriptions:

You can receive voicemails via email as audio file attachment along with voicemail text transcriptions. Please check this FAQ for voicemail transcription via email.

F. Business Hours:

You can setup business hours on each line using Do-Not-Disturb option at the iPlum portal.

G. Outgoing calls:

To make any outbound call from any iPlum number to show its caller-id, you will login as that account in your iPlum app.

H. Texting:

To send or receive texts, you will login as that specific account in your iPlum app.

Note: To see texts for both accounts in read only mode, you can enable Text Archive feature in your iPlum portal & you will be able to see the texts there for both accounts.

I. Porting:

Please follow the instructions here.

If you have any questions, you can always Contact us.