20 May 2016

How to reactivate, reinstate or reestablish a cancelled iPlum phone number?

Note: For a local number (US or Canada) disconnected within 30 days, you can recover online using iPlum portal with step process below. There is a one-time $9.99 fee to recover it.

Note: For a toll-free number reactivation, our network team has to manually recover it for you and there is a $50 fees which you pay via PayPal. If we are not able to recover it, we will refund that fees back to you. You can contact customer service about the manual process. Unfortunately toll-free numbers can’t be reactivated using online process below.

Step by step process to reactivate an iPlum phone number online:

  1. Login: Go to the web page https://my.iplum.com on your computer or a tablet.

    The login-id is usually the primary phone number you used to setup your iPlum account.

  2. Phone Plan: Click “Get Number” and get a temporary number of same type as the number you are reactivating. Example if you are reactivating a US number, get a US iPlum number with plan, if you are reactivating Toll-free number, get a temporary Toll-free number and a plan etc.

  3. Reactivate Number: Click Utilities || Reactivate Number. Select your existing Account where you want to have that number and enter the previous number you want to reactivate. There is a one-time non-refundable $9.99 fee to bring the number back from redemption. The number will be reactivated from redemption and swapped to your temporary number purchased in above step.