20 May 2016

How to reactivate, reinstate or reestablish a cancelled iPlum phone number?

Note: Reactivation is a privilege program to help our users. Your iPlum number could be cancelled due to any reason like lost or change of credit card, email change, travels, plan expiration etc. The fee is paid out to reactivate your cancelled number and it is mandatory.

US or Canada Local Number Reactivation Within 30 Days:

  1. Login https://my.iplum.com with your iPlum-id. The reactivation can be done only in the original account.

  2. Reactivate Number:

    iPlum Portal || Accounts || Select Account or Sub-Account || Reactivate Line.

    Enter the iPlum number you want to reactivate and follow the steps. There is a one-time fee of $9.99 to reactivate a local iPlum number.

800 Toll-Free Number Reactivation Within 30 Days:

  1. Initially setup a “Temporary iPlum Toll-free number” in your existing iPlum account

    • Login https://my.iplum.com with your existing iPlum-ID.

    • Click “Get iPlum Number”

    • Select “800 Toll-Free”

    • Do not type anything or make any change. Simply click the search (magnifying glass icon) on the screen next to “All”. It will give you toll-free numbers options. Select one of them and complete the purchase process. Do not worry about the number since it is just temporary.

  2. Pay a one-time fee of $24.99.

    Contact us with below information:

    • Your iPlum login ID.

    • Toll-free number to be recovered.

    • PayPal $24.99 Transaction-id.

  3. Swapping your Original Toll-free:Our team will acquire the cancelled number for you and manually swap it in your iPlum account for teh temporary toll-free you purchased in step-1. It can take up to 48 hours. You will get an email when it is complete.