07 Mar 2018

How to change voicemail settings: ringing time, ringtones, email alerts, size?

Voicemail Settings

Login iPlum portal https://my.iplum.com/.

Click Voicemail in the left panel and select the Account or sub-Account you want to edit. Click SETTINGS tab.

  • Ringing Time: Select from 10 to 30 seconds. If you want to send calls directly to voicemail without ringing, select “Do Not Disturb”.

  • Voicemail To Email Alerts: Toggle ON if you want to receive alerts for voicemails.

    Note: Check the box if you want to exclude calling number in email alerts for privacy and security compliance.

  • Additional Emails For Voicemail Alerts: Enter additional emails to send voicemail alerts separated by semicolon.

  • Voicemail Size: The default voicamil size if 15. You can change to either switch off the voicemail completely or switch to larger capacity of 100 voicemail storage.

  • Ringtones: Ringtones can be changed on your mobile phone iPlum app || Settings || Ringtones.