20 Jan 2017

How to add IVR to an existing phone number?

How to set Virtual Digital Attendant & Extensions on an existing mobile or landline number?

You can choose either of the below option:

Will this work for either mobile or landline number?

Yes, you can configure mobile or landline number with Auto Attendant or Virtual Digital Attendant configuration.

Can I cancel it any time?

There is no contract. You have complete flexibility. You can cancel anytime.

Steps to setup Virtual Digital Attendant on existing number:

Note: This section is applicable while keeping your number with existing carrier and setup Call Forwarding to an iPlum number and use Auto Attendant with extensions.

There are three main steps:

  1. At iPlum website sign up a new account with an iPlum number subscription: https://iplum.com/blog/faq/how-to-setup-iplum-online/

  2. Setup Auto Attendant on your iPlum number: https://iplum.com/blog/faq/auto-attendant-examples/

  3. Setup Call forwarding from your existing carrier number to the new iPlum number you have created in above steps.

Make a test call to your existing number. It should play your Auto Attendant .

Note: You can also use iPlum Call Recording with existing number.

How do I handle texting if I have an existing mobile number?

If you stay with existing carrier and set call forwarding to iPlum, you can continue to do texting using your existing mobile number otherwise you can do texting using iPlum app.

For any questions, you can always contact us . We love to help our users.

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