20 Jan 2017

How to setup simple announcement?

Use Cases

  • Alert caller before the ringing starts. Examples:
    “Please wait while the system finds me…” OR “Please wait while we connect your call to an agent…”
  • Out-of-Office. Examples:
    “Vacation Alert. I am out of office and will be available starting…”

Note: By default simple announcement is disabled in your iPlum account.
This Simple announcement is different than your Voicemail greeting or IVR greeting.

Call Flow

Simple announcement can be played for an incoming call before it starts ringing to your iPlum number/s.

Incoming Call   >>   Simple Announcement   >>   Ringing >>   Accept Call or send to Voicemail Greeting

Where to Setup Simple Announcement

Login iPlum portal https://my.iplum.com.

Accounts || Select Line || Simple Announcement

Recording Simple Announcement

A. Text to Speech Audio (Free)

Your iPlum number comes with text to life-like speech service to create your simple announcement free of charge.

B. (Optional) Send Custom Sound File ($10)

  1. Record MP3 file format with high volume.
    It is a good practice to keep it 30 seconds or less.
    Note: There are many online companies like Fiverr (no association with iPlum) which has sellers who will record a professional announcement file for as low as $5.

  2. Note: File size should not exceed 1 MB.

  3. Send your audio file to “support@iplum.com”.
    In the email subject enter “Simple Announcement for iPlum # XXXXX”. In the body of email paste the transaction-ID or receipt # or attach your PayPal payment receipt. Don’t forget to attach your audio file. You will get a confirmation email after our team has uploaded your simple announcement in your account.

  4. Payment: Make $10 payment to digitally sign and upload custom simple announcement file in your iPlum account.