15 Mar 2015

How do I record custom greeting for auto attendant?

15 Mar 2015

Text to Speech:

Your iPlum mobile phone system auto attendant comes with text to life-like speech service to create your welcome greeting free of charge.

Alternatively you can record custom greeting and send us to upload it in your account.

Custom Greetings Upload Process:

  1. Get your custom announcement greeting created by a recording company. Fiverr (No association with iPlum) has many sellers who would record a professional greetings for as low as $5. Make sure your iPlum extensions match with your recording.

  2. The greeting should be in mp3 file format and no longer than 25 seconds.

  3. There is a one time charge of $10 to manually upload the custom greeting in your account by our engineering resource. Please make your payments via PayPal using this link.

  4. Important: In the Auto Attendant section of iPlum portal, add your call flow extensions, save them. That will allow us to upload the greetings you send us. In the meantime you can keep Make Live option as “Disabled”. You can change the call flow anytime but we need some call flow setup in order to upload the custom greeting for you.

  5. Please send your file to help@iplum.com mentioning that it is for Auto attendant. Include your iPlum phone number and PayPal payment receipt. You will get a confirmation after our service team has uploaded your custom greeting in your account.