06 Jul 2016

Can I setup multiple phone numbers in my iPlum account?

06 Jul 2016

It is possible to add multiple lines in iPlum and ring them all to an external number. iPlum app allows only one phone number in the app but you can easily open multiple iPlum accounts on the same device. You just need additional mobile or landline numbers to activate additional iPlum accounts and then use call forwarding within iPlum to ring them at one location.

To signup an iPlum account using a mobile number you will receive a verification code via SMS and for landline you will get a call with verification code. Make sure these are real numbers and not virtual numbers otherwise iPlum will reject them.


  1. Download iPlum app on your mobile device and sign up an iPlum account. Mobile device can be a smartphone or a tablet.
  2. After installing the app, it is recommended not to buy iPlum number in the app (rather use the iPlum online portal) but if you have already bought it, it is still fine.
  3. Login to secure online portal https://my.iplum.com.
  4. Setup PayPal in Billing. To buy an iPlum number, click “Number Plan” in the dashboard and select an iPlum number. If you have already purchased an iPlum number using iTunes or Google Play, you can simply move it to this portal by clicking “Number Plan”. You will not lose any existing term. It will add more time to your existing account.
  5. Go to your iPlum app “Settings” and setup “Call Forwarding” to ring to an external phone number. With our Call forwarding feature you can configure the incoming iPlum calls to ring to an external number. You can configure multiple iPlum numbers to ring to the same external phone number. Please make sure you are not setting Call Forwarding from one iPlum number to ring to another iPlum number, it will not work. It needs to be an external number (mobile or landline).
  6. Logout of the iPlum app.
  7. Signup new iPlum account using another mobile or landline number & repeat steps 3 to 5 for new iPlum account.

Note: You can also convert one iPlum account into a primary business account and consolidate all iPlum accounts in it. There are no separate charges for setting up business account. Please see instructions here.

When you are making outgoing calls using iPlum, the iPlum account you are currently logged into the app will show up as CallerID.

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