06 Jul 2016

Can I setup multiple phone numbers in my iPlum account?

06 Jul 2016

You can have one phone number per iPlum account but you can create multiple iPlum accounts and then set Call Forwarding on them to ring to your mobile/landline external number.

Using this process you can also port/transfer additional numbers into iPlum.

Note: When you setup call forwarding, you will lose the distinct ringing feature since the call is not terminating into the app anymore.

Here are the steps:

  1. You have an existing iPlum account with iPlum number. You want to add new iPlum numbers or port your additional numbers into new iPlum account on same device.

  2. Go to  https://iplum.com

  3. Click “Signup” at the top right corner. You will see “New Account Setup”.

  4. To setup an iPlum account, enter a mobile or landline number which you have never used before. If you are porting an additional number, this number need not be the same as porting number. You can use any non-virtual mobile/landline worldwide number to open an account. The purpose of this number is to setup a login-id. You will receive your verification code on this number.

  5. You will receive your verification code as “text” if you choose a mobile number to signup or a “phone call” if you choose a landline number.

  6. Complete the registration process.

  7. On your iPlum Dashboard, click “Phone Number” to buy your second iPlum number (Regular number or Toll-free).

  8. Porting-Optional: If you want to port/transfer your existing number in this iPlum account, you can click “Port Number” in the left menu and complete the port process. Port process will require you to setup a number subscription with a temporary number and then fill the port order form. Once the port gets completed in 4-7 days, the temporary number will be disconnected and replaced with your ported number

  9. On your mobile device, download the iPlum app from iTunes App Store or Google Play and login using teh credentials of the account created above.. If you are already using iPlum app for your first account, logout from it & login with second account credentials.

  10. In the iPlum app, go to “Settings” and setup “Call Forwarding” to ring to your regular iPhone/Android number. This will route all incoming calls for your second iPlum account to your regular iPhone/Android number. You don’t need the iPlum app open to forward calls because the routing is done directly from our network servers after you have setup Call Forwarding on your account credentials.

  11. To resume your first account in iPlum app, simply logout of the second account in the iPlum app and login using your first account.

  12. If you have any questions, you can always Contact us.

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