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About Us

Why we started iPlum?

Everyone has a smartphone …
How can we leverage the personal mobile phone and allow professionals to create a true separate business line without having to carry separate devices. This business number would offer virtual greetings, calling, texting, recording and voicemail like an established business. All for less than cost of a lunch.

About our Team

As founders of previous successful startups we have been developing mobile telecom and security apps since iPhone started in 2007. When we started exploring more about the business phone problem, we found some ad-hoc solutions built by social media companies catering to the consumer market. They were collecting calling and texting metadata for advertisement purposes. While missing basic business features, the biggest issue with these solutions was that the privacy was out of the door. That led to the vision and motivation behind development of iPlum.

iPlum was founded in 2015 and is rapidly growing worldwide by serving small and medium business users with robust business communications solution. We are located in the heart of silicon valley at California. We simplify business collaboration by bringing together the simplicity and user experience of mobile apps, with the reliability and scalability of cloud based provisioning, operations and management.

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