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About Us

Why we started iPlum?

No one is tied to a desk phone anymore. We all need to get in touch with our clients while we are mobile but we don’t want to expose our personal number.

The question we asked ourselves: How can we leverage that personal mobile phone and allow professionals to create a separate business line without having to carry separate devices or changing any carriers?

This business number would offer privacy, secure business communication and more. All for less than cost of a lunch per month.

This led to inception of iPlum.

About our Team

As founders of previous successful mobile security startups we have deep knowledge of system security and telecommunications.

iPlum is rapidly growing worldwide by serving professionals with robust business communications solution. We are located in the heart of silicon valley at California. Our goal is to simplify business collaboration by bringing together the simplicity and user experience of mobile apps to the reliability and scalability of cloud based provisioning, operations and management.

We would love to hear about your experience.

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