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About Us

How we started iPlum?

We are bunch of computer geeks. We wanted to start a company and phone number was the first thing required on every form. We hated giving out our personal cell phone numbers. Our carrier was asking more than $50 per month for alternate line and required us to carry two separate phones. We checked some online solutions which wanted to give free service but the privacy was out of the door. They were collecting call metadata to use for advertisements.

We will not allow this to happen to us!

This problem got us thinking — What if we could simply use our mobile phone and create a separate phone line which would act as our business line and build a phone system around it? How could we make it inexpensive so that anyone who wants to keep the business number separate from personal can easily do so?

That’s a separate number for business calling, texting, auto-attendant and voicemail with distinctive ringing and contacts. As an added bonus, the user can also make low cost international calls, because it works everywhere – all that’s needed is an internet connection or Wi-Fi on the phone. That’s the vision and product concept that we implemented with iPlum.

About our Team

The iPlum core team has combined experience of over 50 years in mobile telecom and security software development, building products and delivering solutions that work at enterprise scale in the software-as-a-service model. We love problem solving and finding innovative ways to bring products to customers.

iPlum is growing rapidly from serving individual and small business users to providing a robust business communications solution for larger group of users in medium and multinational corporations. We simplify business collaboration by bringing together the simplicity and user experience of mobile apps, with the reliability and scalability of cloud based provisioning, operations and management.

Download and try iPlum, we would love to hear about your experience!