08 Mar 2018

How does iPlum call forwarding works?

iPlum provides two types of call forwarding:

  • Advanced call forwarding using IVR/Auto-Attendant.

  • Simple call forwarding to external numbers.

Advanced call forwarding using IVR / Auto-Attendant:

Please check iPlum Auto-Attendant / IVR examples.

Simple call forwarding:
  1. Forward iPlum calls to multiple numbers simultaneously: iPlum or external numbers.

  2. Setup Business hours for call forwarding.

  3. Get notifications in the iPlum app when any call is forwarded to an external number.

  4. Select display Caller-ID: Choose to show Origination Number (default settings) or iPlum Number as the display Caller-ID on the call receiving devices.

Where to setup simple call forwarding?

  • iPlum app: Settings || Multiple Call Forwarding || Change

  • Online web portal: Login https://my.iplum.com/. Click Advanced Routing in the left panel and select “Multiple Call Forwarding”. Select the Account or sub-Account from where you want to forward your calls.

  • Enable the toggle switch and enter the external number(s) you want to forward the calls to. You can add up to 3 numbers to forward your iPlum calls.

Can I add my iPlum number in call forwarding along with external numbers?

Yes, if you want to ring incoming calls in your iPlum app as well as external number/s, you would enter your iPlum number as one of the call forwarded numbers. You can add up to 3 numbers.

Can I setup call forwarding with extensions like press 1 for .., press 2 for ..?

Yes, please use iPlum IVR / Auto-Attendant feature which allows creating greeting and setup of unlimited extensions. See examples.

Can I setup call forwarding with specific hours?

Yes, you can setup hours during which the calls will be automatically routed to the numbers listed in call forwarding settings. Outside those hours, you will receive calls at your iPlum number.

How does call forwarding actually works? Does the call first coming into my iPlum app?

After enabling call-forwarding, the system does intelligent call routing directly from iPlum cloud network to your forwarded numbers. You don’t need to keep the iPlum app open on your device for call-forwarding to work. For outgoing calls or to send and receive texts you would still use iPlum app. Once you enable call forwarding, you can change it anytime using iPlum app or online portal.

Which caller-id will show for incoming iPlum calls when I have setup call forwarding?

You can choose to show Call Origination Number (default settings) or iPlum Number as the Display Caller-ID on the call receiving devices.

Can call forwarding work along side IVR / Auto-Attendant?

IVR / Auto Attendant has in-built call forwarding mechanism which takes precedence. If you have enabled it, the simple call forwarding will automatically gets disabled on that iPlum number.

How does texting work with call forwarding?

Texting is sent and received using iPlum app. Unlike calls, texts are not forwarded.

What is the cost of call forwarding or IVR / Auto-Attendant to forward calls to external numbers?

iPlum unlimited usage plans for U.S., Canada or Toll-Free includes the call forwarding with in their respective countries. If you are on an iPlum measured usage credits plan, you will use credits for regular incoming iPlum calls plus the call-forwarded destination number charges as per the call rates in iPlum app settings.

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