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Over One Million Happy Customers:

Vasquez P.

Neurosurgeon As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.

Tom R.

Real Estate As someone who works all hours, keeping my private and professional life separate is very important. With iPlum, I set business hours, use automated greeting for my clients, and always know when an incoming call is for my business.

Paul D.

IT Consultant Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable.

Ambre K.

Journalist iPlum’s included features allow me to present a professional image at an affordable price. People are always impressed by how easy it is to get in touch with me and my colleagues. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Porting Process:

How do I port my number into iPlum?

Summary of Port Process:

  1. Open a free iPlum account with any mobile or landline number. It doesn’t have to be the number you are porting.

  2. Verify in the iPlum portal that the number you want to port is eligible to transfer into iPlum.

  3. Setup an iPlum plan of the same type as the number you are porting. For U.S. number select iPlum U.S. plan; Canada number – iPlum Canada Plan and for Toll-free – iPlum Toll-free plan.

  4. Now port your existing number into it.

Check step by step process here.

Can I port-out my number from iPlum to another carrier?

Yes, for any reason if you decide to port-out your number to a different carrier, you can easily do that by following the port-out process in the iPlum portal.

How is privacy built into iPlum?

iPlum is a business class service with 100% data protection. Unlike other services, we respect your privacy and fully protect your information. It is never shared with any third party. You get complete peace of mind.

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