02 Jan 2017

How to change from a local iPlum number to a toll-free number or toll-free to local?

Toll free and local number plans are separate products with different plan types. You will cancel the existing plan & get the new plan.

Note: You will first cancel the existing subscription & then buy the new subscription. The new subscription time will start from the day you start a new subscription. Sorry these are non-refundable digital plans, there are no prorated refunds for the cancelled plans.

  1. Login Online https://my.iplum.com

  2. Cancel your existing iPlum subscription online.
    Click: Dashboard || Users|| Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Cancel Line. Select immediate cancellation.

    If the subscription was purchased at Apple App Store or Google Play, it will cancel at end of the current term.

  3. Click: Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Get iPlum Number to setup a new subscription type.

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