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  • Extra 5% credits: 2,100 credits for $20.
  • iPlum US number subscription: $1 per month.
  • iPlum Canada number subscription: $2 per month.
  • iPlum Toll-Free number subscription: $5 per month.
  • Port-over your existing number from carriers to iPlum & get same low monthly rate.
  • What our users say

    Get a dedicated iPlum phone number with affordable calling and texting. Works great for both business purposes and private use.

    iPlum user Vasquez P.

    Vasquez P.

    Neurosurgeon I am a doctor and I call my patients using iPlum – keeps my personal cell phone number private and patients are happy with my responsive service.
    iPlum user Jane S.

    Jane S.

    Real Estate I am a realtor and iPlum is my business number. I advertise my iPlum number for all my appointments. I can now keep my personal mobile number private.
    iPlum user Paul D.

    Paul D.

    IT Consultant Our sales and marketing employees use iPlum as a business line on their personal phones. Our company saves a ton of money every month. Voice quality is great and users love its simplicity vs. carrying two devices.
    iPlum user Ambre K.

    Ambre K.

    Journalist I use iPlum as a 2nd Number for Privacy. I can share messages and photos easily. I can protect my identity because I can share my iPlum phone number with people I don’t know that well.
    iPlum user Tom R.

    Tom R.

    Traveler I live in U.S. and travel globally. iPlum number saves me money when I am abroad. My family can reach me with a local call and I can call them almost free.
    iPlum user Maya N.

    Maya N.

    Recruiter I can reach my clients using iPlum phone number. I don’t have to use my personal mobile number – can still respond in a timely fashion. Keeps my information separate and secure.
    iPlum user Dan T.

    Dan T.

    Business Owner I use iPlum for developing my business with U.S. customers. I can call them freely with iPlum phone number. My customers can reach me for orders or customer service with a local call.
    iPlum user Katie J.

    Katie J.

    Student I am a student with Wi-Fi Tablet. I get free unlimited texting and calling with my friends who have iPlum. The iPlum phone number for calling anywhere in the U.S. is so affordable for me.