How to Localize International Business for Your US Customers?
13 Apr 2017

How to Localize International Business for Your US Customers?

Experiences from our Customers

Dan T. is the owner of a UK based company and he found a way to simplify doing business with his customers in the US. Dan uses iPlum phone number, and his sales and customer service employees can now make instant connections with US customers via chat and phone calls.

The Challenge: How to Become a Local Supplier to US Customers?

International businesses face some challenges in building their brands in the United States. “We must constantly keep in touch with consumers in the U.S. and win their trust, so we can build brand loyalty and grow our business,” said Dan. “We need to be easily reachable and instantly responsive, as though we are providing local support, notwithstanding our time zone separation.”

The company could not afford a physical presence in the U.S. at this stage in its growth. Dan was looking for a cost-effective solution that dramatically improved overseas communications.

The Solution: iPlum Provides a US Phone Number for Business on their Mobile

While Dan visited U.S. last summer, he heard the iPlum ad on satellite radio, offering a “second number on mobile”. He installed the free app on his U.K. based iPhone, and he was thrilled that he could select a phone number with a U.S. area code.

“I started using iPlum to call my clients in the U.S.,” said Dan. “They were surprised to get my call from a local number, and needless to say they were pleased.”

“The beauty of it is that customers can now reach us for orders and support with a local call or text message.”

“In the case where a client missed my call, he could call me right back with a single tap. It works like a charm.”

With cost-effective calling rates in 200+ countries, iPlum is ideal for overseas business. “The simplicity of calling and texting from my own phone without having to worry about roaming call charges is a huge benefit when I am on business travel,” said Dan. “Calling and texting to U.S. phone numbers using iPlum would cost only one cent, even while I was roaming. I may be calling from my home office in London, or while roaming in another country or visiting the U.S.”

“iPlum works just the same, with crystal clear voice, no dropped calls, and no annoying ads.”

Dan decided to get iPlum phone numbers for the entire staff at his company. “A large chunk of our business comes from U.S. customers,” said Dan. “The benefit of instant communications is huge in our line of business and the return on investment is fantastic. Now each one of my employees has a second business line on a personal cell phone, provided by iPlum phone number, and everyone is always reachable by our U.S. customers, just like calling or texting a local number.”

Billing for multiple iPlum users can be consolidated with a convenient, cloud based console for business account. Dan’s assistant set up a group account, provisioned the entire team and paid for iPlum phone numbers and calling credits using a corporate account. This eliminated the complexity of having each user buy individually on iTunes or Google Play account.

“By keeping business contacts, call lists, voicemail, text messages and attachments in the iPlum app, business information is cleanly separated from personal calls and texts,” said Dan. “As a bonus, with this we also cracked the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) conundrum, finally!” iPlum provides an extra layer of security for business communications while keeping personal phone numbers, calls and texts private – a win-win for corporate data security and personal privacy.


Dan and his employees now have instant connection with U.S. customers via chat or phone call, right on their cell phones. The expensive business phone system in the office is now unplugged and retired.

“Customers can now reach us for orders and support with a local call or text message,” said Dan. “My employees can call them right back or chat using their cell phones, without having to worry about international calling or roaming charges.” Customers are happy and the U.S. business is booming.

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