How to portover or transfer a number into iPlum?

Porting 101: During porting process your number will continue to work at existing carrier. When the porting is complete, you will get an email alert. Your number will stop working at existing carrier and start working at iPlum. Summary of iPlum Port-in Process: You can port a U.S. or Canada,[…]

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How does iPlum multi-user team master account work?

Note: If you have already setup an iPlum account and now want to add additional users, you can skip to Section 2 below. Multi-User Account Features: Any iPlum account can be converted into a multi-user account. Add and manage additional iPlum users. Centralized billing . Setup auto attendant and extensions.[…]

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How does iPlum call forwarding works?

iPlum provides two types of call forwarding: Advanced call forwarding using IVR/Auto-Attendant. Simple call forwarding to external numbers. Advanced call forwarding using IVR / Auto-Attendant: Please check iPlum Auto-Attendant / IVR examples. Simple call forwarding: Forward iPlum calls to multiple numbers simultaneously: iPlum or external numbers. Setup Business hours for[…]

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