29 Dec 2015

I am not able to hear audio in my iPlum app?

29 Dec 2015


1. Click iPhone/iPad Settings >> Volume: Make sure the ringer is not set on silent mode.

2. Click iPhone/iPad Settings >> iPlum app: Enable the Permissions for Microphone, Camera, Contacts & Notifications (All).

3. iPlum Settings : Check that “Do Not Disturb” options for calls or messages are not mistakenly enabled by you.

4. iCloud: If the iPlum app is restored from the prior backed-up version in iCloud, it may interfere with new app version creating some issues. To clear the backup & start fresh please follow these steps:

a. iPhone >> Settings >> iCloud >> Storage >> Manage Storage >> Delete the apps/Disable iPlum.

b. Delete iPlum app from the device (Warning: it will delete the text messages from the app since they are encrypted. You can still see the call usage history in the settings when you reinstall the iPlum app).

c. Reboot the device.

d. Install fresh iPlum app from the App store. It will show as if coming from Cloud but it is new install.

e. Login using the previous credentials.

f. During install when prompted for notifications, contacts, sounds to iPlum app, select “Enable”.


1. Click Android Device Settings > Sounds & Notifications. Make sure the Ringtones & Notifications is not in silent mode

2. Click iPlum App Settings > Ringtones & Notifications > Check Ringtones & Message tones. Make sure they are not set to silent.

3. In some cases we have noticed certain apps running in the background which may take over audio control & won’t relinquish it to other apps (like iPlum) unless they are closed/killed. Please check that.