29 Dec 2015

I am not able to hear audio in my iPlum app?

29 Dec 2015
First of all make a simple check that you phone is not set on mute.

Then make sure that you have granted iPlum app access to the device audio.

iOS devices
iPhone/iPad Device Settings > iPlum app. Enable the Permissions for Microphone and Notifications.

Android devices
a) Device Settings > Sounds & Notifications. Make sure the Ringtones & Notifications is not in silent mode
b) iPlum App Settings > Ringtones & Notifications > Check Ringtones & Message tones. Make sure they are not set to silent.
c) In some rare cases on Android we have seen some apps running in the background which may take over audio control & won’t relinquish it to other apps (like iPlum) unless they are closed/killed. Please check that.