02 Jan 2017

How to change from a local iPlum number to a toll-free number or toll-free to local?

You can use either of below options to change your number type:

A. Cancel the existing number and get a different number:

  1. Login Online https://my.iplum.com

  2. Cancel your existing iPlum subscription online. Accounts || Select Account || Cancel. Select immediate cancellation.

    For purchases made at iPlum portal it will cancel out immediately. (If the subscription was purchased at Apple App Store or Google Play, it will cancel at end of the current term.)

  3. Go back to Dashboard & click “Get iPlum Number” to setup a new subscription.

B. Open a sub-account & let the first account expire:

  1. Click “Additional Line” to add a new account with in your primary account. You can use an “Email” as login ID or a different phone number. Complete the registration process for the add-on account login.

  2. Login back in as Primary account in your iPlum portal and click Accounts.

  3. Select the additional line setup above, click “Manage Plans” and click “Change” option under Number Plan to setup a new iPlum number for this additional line.

  4. Login iPlum App on your phone using the new Login ID.

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