28 Nov 2015

How does iPlum backup & restore work?

How does backup and restore work for iPlum app?

iPlum is a business service. As the default security settings, Texts are not backed up due to privacy. You can archive your Texts including Multimedia Texts for any future recovery by using the Backup option in iPlum app. It is $2.99/mo. There is no contract and you can cancel it anytime.

How do I restore my Texts in iPlum app?

iPlum App Settings || Backup & Restore .

Is back and recovery plan mandatory for HIPAA compliance?

Yes, if you are a healthcare professional and offering texting to your clients using iPlum, this plan is mandatory. All the information is encrypted and archived with highest security and reliability.

What is the backup policy at iPlum?

The backup is activated after the user subscribes for the plan. Text are archived for last six months on rolling basis. One can retrieve last sixty days Text messages in iPlum app using Restore feature in iPlum Settings. One can see the archive of last six months Texts online in password protected iPlum portal.

I have a previous version of text archive plan. How can I update to new backup plan?

The previous plan allowed text archive online but no text restore in the app. The new backup plan allows both archive and restore in the iPlum app. The messages will continue to be available in the iPlum portal with either old or new plan.

Update to new backup plan online:

  1. Login to iPlum portal.

  2. Click Text Options. Select your account. Scroll down to Backup Plan section and update your plan.

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