21 Dec 2015

How do I invite my friends to iPlum?

In order to add a user to your iPlum contacts and start iPlum to iPlum conversations, ask your friend to enroll in iPlum app. It is a free app to install. Then go to iPlum Settings, Contact Options and click “Add iPlum Contact”. Here enter the name and iPlum Login ID of your friend and click “Add”. Do not enter their iPlum Phone number as login ID.

Once a user is enrolled with iPlum, you will see their contact in the “Phone” menu of iPlum. iPlum users are automatically tagged with Plum color. If you don’t see them, just do Pull-down-to-refresh in your iPlum contacts.

To make a call or send a text to this user, directly use this contact in your iPlum phone book. Do not call their iPlum number from the iPlum keypad because that will make it go like an external call.