10 Dec 2015

How do I add/remove contacts or manage address book in iPlum?

iPlum app has a fairly simple contact management.

  • For end user security and privacy iPlum doesn’t store a separate address book in the iPlum app or at our servers. The contact are made available from your phone’s address book in the iPlum app.

  • To see your iPhone/Android contacts in the iPlum app, please enable contacts permission in your device settings for iPlum app .

  • If you don’t want device contacts to show up in iPlum app, simply disable contacts permission for iPlum app in your device settings.

  • If you want to add a new contact, simply add in device phone book & it will show up in the iPlum app.

  • You can add a number from iPlum Recents call log in your Phone book by simply clicking “+” in the Recents screen.

  • Remember to do Pull-Down-To-Refresh in the iPlum app to start seeing that contact.

  • (Optional)For iPlum iOS app, you can go into the details of a contact in iPlum app and “Mark it as Business”. It will start showing up in Business section of the contacts in iPlum.

  • If you are not seeing a Phone book contact in iPlum, the reason is that it is setup with “Custom labels”. Once you change the label to standard phone book labels, you will see them in your iPlum app.