10 May 2017

How does auto-text reply for texts & missed calls work?

When to send auto text reply?

  1. Missed incoming calls.

  2. Incoming texts when you are away.

Where to setup auto text reply?

  • iPlum app: Settings || Text options || Text Auto Reply

  • Online web portal: Login https://my.iplum.com/. Click Text Options in the left panel and select “Settings”. Select the Account or sub-Account where you want to setup auto text reply.

  • Enable the toggle switch to select for missed and/or incoming text.

You can setup hours during which the system will automatically send auto text reply.

If you have business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM Mon to Fri, you will setup auto reply for 7 days.

From: 5 PM & To: 8 AM

All Day for Sat & Sun.

Do I need to keep my app open to send auto text reply?

Your app doesn’t have to be open. The reply text is sent automatically from the iPlum network cloud.

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