09 Apr 2017

How to integrate Google Voice with iPlum Auto Attendant?

09 Apr 2017

“I want to keep my Google Voice number but I need a professional virtual attendant & extensions for my business. iPlum made that possible with an affordable solution” Christopher M. (Executive)

How to set Google Voice number with Virtual Attendant & Extensions?

Choose one of the two ways:

  • Stay with Google Voice. Configure call forwarding from Google Voice to iPlum number where you setup your Auto Attendant and Extensions. Steps to setup GV with Auto Attendant.

  • OR

  • Port your Google Voice number to iPlum. Benefit: Handle multiple simultaneous calls. Steps to port number into iPlum.
    Note: After port-in, you can port-out your number from iPlum at any time.

What is the cost of the solution?

iPlum auto attendant with unlimited extensions for $3.99 and an iPlum phone number subscription for $4.99. There are no additional taxes or surcharges.

Full Disclosure: iPlum is an independent company. You have complete privacy at iPlum. We don’t use your data or metadata for any advertising.

Can I cancel it any time?

There is no contract. You have complete flexibility. You can cancel anytime.

How do I handle texting?

If you stay with Google Voice and set call forwarding to iPlum, you can continue to do texting using your Google Voice App otherwise you can do texting using iPlum app.

Setup Auto Attendant for Google Voice:

Note: This section is applicable when keeping your number with Google Voice and setup Call Forwarding to an iPlum number and use Auto Attendant with extensions. This is not applicable if you are porting your number to iPlum.

There are two main sections:

  1. Get an iPlum phone number and setup Auto Attendant on it.

    1. Sign up a new iPlum account: How to?

    2. Setup Auto Attendant for your iPlum number: How to?

  2. Configure call forwarding from Google Voice to iPlum number.

    1. Download iPlum app on your phone from Apple App store or Google Play and login to your iPlum account. You will need that to receive the verification code which will come from Google Voice to add this number for call forwarding in next couple steps.

    2. Login to Google Voice online https://voice.google.com/

    3. Click Main menu which is three-line icon at top left corner, then Settings and then Account. Here in Linked numbers section, add the Linked Number to iPlum number which was created in iPlum dashboard and delete any other Linked number from this section.

      It will send a verification code to the iPlum number.Complete the verification process.

    4. Click three (3) line icon >> Click Legacy Google Voice (It will open in a separate browser tab).

    5. Legacy Google Voice:

      1. Settings icon (Top right corner) >> Phones (Tab) >> Forward calls to iPlum Number (checked). Uncheck any other phone number.

      2. Settings icon (Top right corner) >> Calls (Tab) >> Call Screening Off.

    6. This additional step is required if you have configured your Google Voice calls to ring in your Hangout account.

      Hangouts >> Settings >> Phone Number > Incoming Phone Calls >> Switch off.

Make a test call to your Google Voice Number. It should play your Auto Attendant .

Note: You can also use iPlum Call recording with Google Voice Forwarding Number. Please make sure you don’t check the “play consent for incoming calls” message. It somehow doesn’t work with Google Voice Forwarding.

For any questions, you can always contact us . We love to help our users.

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