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“Our staff works outdoors. We needed a virtual system which could be extended to mobile phones and some landlines. iPlum allowed us to do that at a fraction of the cost of other traditional cloud systems.” Welley Trucking

What is iPlum Auto-Attendant, Virtual Receptionist or Mobile Virtual PBX?

With iPlum you can add professional greetings and extensions to any phone number. It uses cloud based next generation technology. You can be a solo professional or a business with multiple employees to use iPlum. It is light weight and easy to setup without requiring any expert.

Do I have the flexibility to choose the phone number for setting Auto-Attendant?

Yes, you can:

  1. Get a new iPlum business number.

  2. Port your existing number into iPlum.

  3. Keep your number with existing carrier and set call forwarding to an iPlum business number where you setup Auto-Attendant. Callers can keep dialing your existing number but now they hear new greetings and access your extensions.

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I am a solo professional? Examples

Give your callers a professional tone. You can setup iPlum auto-attendant & simply set your extension to dial your iPlum number. The callers will hear the greetings and by selecting your short extension they will be able to reach your iPlum number. If you don’t pick up it will go to your iPlum voicemail which you will be notified via email.

I am a business with multiple users. I want a main number and calls routed to different employees. Examples

Separate ringtone & visual screen for iPlum calls on each user’s phones as second line.

You would setup a main iPlum number and each user with their own iPlum number.


  • Login to your iPlum online account & get a new iPlum number or port-in your existing number.

  • Add multiple users with their own iPlum numbers.

  • Enable Auto-Attendant.

    • Setup greetings.

    • Create extensions & link them to each iPlum phone number you have setup in previous step.

    • You can setup as many extensions as you want.

    • You can add multiple users to one extension as well.

    • You can setup extensions to ring any non-iPlum number as well.

    When an outside caller calls your main iPlum number, they will hear the auto-attendant greetings. They will press extension based on your auto-attendant call-flow setup. iPlum will route the calls to the appropriate user.

How do I create auto-attendant greetings?

iPlum uses text to life-like speech service to create your auto attendant free of charge. It uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

Alternatively you can upload a professionally recorded announcement as well.

Example: “Welcome and thank you for calling us. Please press 1 for sales, 2 for support and 3 for billing. To repeat these options please press 9.”

How many extensions can be created in an account?

You can create as many extensions as you want. You can set your extensions to be 1, 2, 3 or 101, 102, 204 or 1011, 1024 etc. It can also be a mix of single & multiple digits like 1, 2, 201 etc. You will define the maximum length of digits in Settings (default is 1). Make sure to match your Auto-Attendant announcements with your extensions.

Each extension can be set to ring single or multiple numbers. These numbers can be iPlum numbers, external domestic or international numbers. There are no restrictions. You can change extensions anytime.

Can I have simultaneous or sequential ringing to multiple phone numbers?

Yes, you can setup extensions to ring calls to one number or multiple numbers at the same time. These numbers can be setup to ring all at the same time or in hunt sequence one after the other.

Can I get iPlum phone system feature even if I am located internationally?

Yes, you can get an iPlum phone system from anywhere in the world. iPlum makes that possible with our advanced communications platform.

How is privacy built into iPlum?

iPlum is a business class service. Unlike free services which share your meta data, we respect your privacy and fully protect your information. It is never shared with any third party or put into any advertisements. You get complete peace of mind.

Does iPlum provide Call Recording?

Yes, iPlum provides call recording feature. For compliance it includes an optional “Consent” message which you can play for incoming calls if your state requires it. You automatically get an alert via email when you have a recording which you can play in the iPlum online portal or iPlum app.

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Verified Reviews By Users Using iPlum: