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Vasquez P.

Neurosurgeon As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.

Tom R.

Real Estate As someone who works all hours, keeping my private and professional life separate is very important. With iPlum, I set business hours, use automated greeting for my clients, and always know when an incoming call is for my business.

Paul D.

IT Consultant Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable.

Ambre K.

Journalist iPlum’s included features allow me to present a professional image at an affordable price. People are always impressed by how easy it is to get in touch with me and my colleagues. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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Additional Questions:

What is Mobile IVR & Phone Auto Attendant?

Mobile IVR or Auto Attendant is a voice menu system that plays a greeting and allows callers to be transferred to an extension. You can setup one or multiple extensions with different options.

What is its cost?

It is free with any iPlum subscription. iPlum Mobile IVR or Auto Attendant or Virtual Digital Receptionist is $0 (Free). You can add this feature to any iPlum local or toll free phone number. There is no hidden cost.

How many extensions can be created in my plan?

One can create unlimited extensions and forward to same or different iPlum or external numbers. Examples

Can I transfer my existing number to iPlum and setup Auto Attendant?

There are multiple options:

1. You can get a new iPlum business number and setup your auto attendant.

2. You can also port your existing number into iPlum.

3. You can use your existing number and set call forwarding from it to an iPlum number where you setup auto attendant.

Can I do Call Transfer?

Yes, after you receive a call on any extension via IVR / Auto Attendant, you can transfer call to another iPlum or external number by pressing *7 (star 7) and entering the 10 digit phone number followed by #. After the call is connected, press:

0 to conference.

1 to exit yourself.

2 to end call transfer.


A calls B. B wants to transfer call to C.
(C – Phone Number: 202-123-1234).

After A gets connected to B, B will enter *7 in their dialpad followed by 2021231234#.

A will hear Music-on-Hold.

B can talk to C for one-one conversation, then press 0 to conference C into the call with A.

Or press 1 to take itself (B) out of the bridge and let A and C have the conversation.

Or press 2 to end the call with C (keep conversation between A and B).

Can I do Call Recording?

Yes, you can enable call recording feature. You automatically get an email alert when you have a recording which you can play in the iPlum online portal or iPlum app. This feature also includes an optional “Consent” message which you can play for incoming calls if your state requires it.

How is privacy built into iPlum?

iPlum is a business class service with 100% data protection. Unlike other services, we respect your privacy and fully protect your information. It is never shared with any third party. You get complete peace of mind.